I fell in love with her pen. Her words were love at first write. She gave me the road maps to her inner minds emotional highways. As I concise with her verbs I see all the turn points in her life and strife. So I take note because if I ever met her in person her heart would be mine, and I would focus on her pessimistic quotes. Easing her into my life’s binding ropes of joy and pain through pleasure. I have to say what she writes touches the keys and opens my mental doors and motivates me to want more. GIVE IT TOO ME NOW! I say… Her similes are like ministries to me or some sort. Shes in pain and I know I can be her oxycodone making her feel warm an tingly and relaxed. Her mental and physical form of a pain killer, because I know I’m realer than most men… LET ME SAY IT AGAIN! I know I’m realer than most men! Foolish me, I cant see that this is love at first write. But I and her will never ever meet. damn!

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