This ain’t no spelling bee… Spelling my name out of your mouth won’t get you close to me. My history’s consistency started with small timing off of the Avenue.

A collage of car after car started to make me sea sick. Up on Blvd is where the broads never turned off tricks. Prices were negotiated from leaning on the cars window seal then she would hop in.

Quick trips to the liquor store hoping that they don’t close the door.



Now me and the guys got to pile up in the van on to the other side where the late bar would be still standing. Fast forward to a deadly shotting in front of the late liquor bars doors shutting the bar down for good.

There were more and more and more shoot outs later. Left 75% of my good nature gone up in the gun smoke of my patience. Sometimes I even ended up a hospital patient.

The girls around my way stay in drama. Plotting and scheming on the next man with big dollars. Can’t tell them nothing to save them. They just get angry, causing a scene saying things like “Don’t try to control me”!

Later on seeing her day after day getting lighter and dry coughing more. Now a fighter of H.I.V…. You know…. that house in Virginia. Just to fuck man after man because he has more bandz.

I just could never understand…

If the kids starved. They robbed and stole. As the gotten older they were stronger and boulder. Now all of them on the run from the F.B.I….

You shoot me I shoot you back! The whole neighborhood owned fire for their hands. You could never tell them that black on black crime is foolishness. They ain’t going to sit to death. They ain’t going to die no matter who it is!

Retaliation done took the lives of most groups this year. More R.I.P. tattoo’s this year.


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