Real Gangsta Shit

Spoken from a O.G…..

I’m feed up with all the nonsence. You all need to wise up and have some sense. Not even a half of sense but a whole sense… Leave all this my color your color in the past tense. My block your block needs to stop. The only true enemy we have is the……


The decedent’s of the Black Panther Party, the Black Liberation Army. Political prisoners standing tall and strong. That’s the type of path we need to be on.


I’m not trying to preach to you all like Cyrus. This ain’t nomovie yet we are all warriors. We need to get money. Take care of our fellow brothers and sisters. Our beautiful families, community’s and so forth. Breaking us away from a imprisoned mind frame of thought that we live and pay rent in.

I’ve been with the gang since I was 14. I didn’t bang for a fashion statement. I didn’t bang to bring harm to civilians or the so called opposition. I started banging just so I could make a difference. To walk a strait path like the Black Panthers did.


I know retaliation is a must. I know your brother took out my cousin. We need to all strengthen our minds and misguided guide lines or we will face internal and external destruction. Extinction as well as others. We must all come together as one of us. Make millions… feed the poor and educate the uneducated children. We must take care of our women or queens and princess… single mothers and our brothers and sisters. Mr and Ms or Mrs…

All this senseless killing has to fucking stop and diminish. To you so called leaders, war chiefs, kings ,almightys, and omegas… to the so called original gangstaz. Folks or Peoples nation. Need to step up and sanction or snatch the flags or stars from there ranks or reputation.

Of the miss guided BGs… to… OYGs… or however yall ranks go…

We need to take a strong stand against the extinction of our loved ones. Black, latino, Hispanic, Asian, poor, whites that are in the same boat as us… color, religion, and gender…. The agenda is to be the majority and not what they call us….. minority’s! So Called……

Let’s teach on another what the true meaning of gang was and is supposed to mean..


So stand tall my brothers and sisters. Be gangsta enough to end the madness so we can all come together as one unified while making flags tie together a endeavor.

I have G love for all of you and yours and the future ones who walk through those doors. Let me make this my final call…

Every O.G. step up around the world…

Let’s make it!


19 thoughts on “Real Gangsta Shit

  1. This awesome. Today’s world what everyone thinks is that selfish politicians or leaders rule the world, it’s not true. When one voice is up, it gives inspirations to millions. Awakening idea. We the people need to bring the change and no matter how big this change will get in future it has to start with 1.Standing up for what is wrong is must…👍Good post

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    • Omg! 😲
      First of all thanks for the comment shorty…
      Second…. I think your mind is a 40 year old women’s mind or something…. this is very wise beyond the stars… Your parents must be so so proud to have a daughter as sweet and intelligent as you are and some day if I have a baby girl I want her to be just as smart an understanding as you are…

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      • Haha, you are welcome.
        About parents maybe they are proud, they never tell me much about what they feel about me, but it’s okay.
        Haha, Yeah maybe I m intelligent and your kid would be much more smarter than I am because I think we build ourselves on 2things either the teachings of our parents or the hurts and lessons of experiences… And I think the best teachers are experiences because nothing worth knowing can ever be taught😇👍

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      • Your parents might not say much and like you basically said it is what it is but I know I maybe a sort of like stranger to you but I’m very very very proud of you…

        And everything you’ve said is absolutely wright but only time will tell.

        If you ever want to talk or chat with me I’m always here for you my friend…

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      • It’s great you know, sometimes words aren’t enough but a friend like you would understand things with a little words. Thank you always❤😇 for being there. You are not a stranger because I feel like I know you and I think relationships are about understanding and we go on with it well👍Have a great week❤😇👍

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      • I don’t and I will never go back on my words… your amazing and understanding to…. very intelligent and kool… hey… for the record… I’m serious if you ever need me Lil angel I’ll be here shorty… and I want you and yours to have a blessed week as well! Think you for listening!😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇💞💞💞💞💞💞💞✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌

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  2. Wow, killer post!! You are so freakin’ spot on – it seems anyone that isn’t rolling in money understands this perhaps more deeply as I think it’s seen more clearly for regular/lower income folks as I think money is the root issue of a lot of this stuff in reality – it makes it more challenging to “get ahead” sometimes and can affect the choices made sadly (well, I am not good as you in my words but hope it made sense). Super great words of wisdom spoken so eloquently. Five stars 🙂

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