You Were My #1 Fan…. That Spun Around

Spinning… Spinning… Spinning…

I watched her in my mind and when the moon light shines we will be together again. Views of you spinning in that studio twisting and turning. Leg up in the are then leeping. The rarest pearl in the sea. That I see…

The blinding beauty spinning and spinning then dropping into a slow split now legs looking like the letter I…. You danced for me… Remember… It was in the middle of December. I was your fan and you were my arms to run to

whenever I needed you. I’m sorry! I never thought to myself that you needed me more. My pearl…. Spinning… Spinning… Spinning…

Till a hard combination of drugs spun you till there was no us…

Spinning. …….



29 thoughts on “You Were My #1 Fan…. That Spun Around

  1. Sometimes when I’m caught in a moment that feels magical, I swear I feel the earth’s rotation, and I don’t want that sensation to end. I read your poem, and I’m reminded of those few and far between times when nothing matters but that unbelievable moment.

    Beautiful and breathless writing. Bravo.

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