Addiction To Running Backwards In circles

You’ve stepped in fire too much.

Burning your body up over and over.

You couldn’t stop!

You loved it!

You were drawn to it like late night campers.

Roasting things over the flames telling horror stories.

The only horrific story that was true was…

How you are addicted to unhappiness!

Kissing the Burrell of everything will be alright.

It never was!

It never is!

It will never be!

If it walks like a fictional character.

If it talks like a fictional character.

It’s a lie!

You layed down with it.

Got attached huh?

Comfortable with the same agitated tunes on the old guitar

All while riding in the same car of choas.

Screams that you’ve heard in your head but you ignored.

Your life is torn to peaces….

You can never pick them up and put them back together!

Cutting your Hands with those shards….

You thought it would work every time…


You kept cutting your hands deeper and deeper…..

Your hands!

Your hands!

Your hands!

Watch as all the plans you have of happiness burn and be destroyed!

This whole wild fire will never be tamed…..


19 thoughts on “Addiction To Running Backwards In circles

      • I had to. people like you are rare on this earth, and I think I should cherish such good friendship! Honestly believe and respect are to be earned and you earned it!💞Good luck!👏

        Liked by 2 people

      • Damn! That’s the same thing I say to people! Respect is to be erned… maybe you should write something about this quote? But any way thanks for being a kool person and very wise at that… you should be a teacher or something you no that! Lol! I’m serious! I no I can’t say much but Im always here to be an ear shorty… real talk! Thanks!

        Liked by 1 person

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