Put Your Hands Up! This Is A Kiss Up!

More wet kisses please… That’s my cup of sweet tea. Please me with every inch of your juicy begging lips.

I don’t care if there is lip stick or lip gloss pardon my smarts. I want those kisses that I faught for. A bright sun filled window opens my eyes to your blissfull kisses of rich loads.

I unload kisses back all around your navel while you lay for me able and willing to transform my hopeless romantic heart into Christmas eve.

This time I’m the child that got all the presents I asked for. Your presents is all I ever wanted in a women shining like my three gold teeth. My kisses tickle your chin with my goatee.

You love it….

I love it…..

My dearest sweet kisses to my misses. I won’t miss this. I love it!

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