Your Priceless Image And Personality Are Valuable So Guard It

You’re giving me a headache over what another man did. Please get away from my ears with all of your loud talking pears.

On your cell phone constantly. Face booking off wasting time on other people’s lives instead of living your own.

Gossiping all the time about stuff in other people’s relationships and your neglecting your own.

You have 1000 pictures on Instagram and a lot of them half naked showing off your Christmas hams. Then You get mad at all the good and nasty comments said. Even when you get a D pic sent through the air. Then all of the sudden you want to turn feminist. Please stop giving women’s rights a bad stair.

Your attracting a lot of bad attention. Have some respect for yourself and your name that I wont mention.

Understand that this is just me giving you a real proper knowledge dose of self prescription…

Wake up my sista…


34 thoughts on “Your Priceless Image And Personality Are Valuable So Guard It

  1. Showing off your” Christmas ham” Right on! Im with you on that… I don’t understand how some people put themselves out there like that on social media… However you can also see it in a different way.. That the human body is a beautiful thing so if you have it why not flaunt it… Smh…. I don’t know… To each it’s own… I feel every word that you wrote though!

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