Respect The Photographer Before You…

Why are you smiling at him?

You better stop!

It makes him nervous.

The last time someone smiled at him. He shook there hand. Turned around and got flashed by a well manufactured camera.

When the picture came out of the poloriod camera. There was no one on it… Just blood on the pavement.

It’s nothing personal if your smiling. Just don’t smile at him. The last time someone smiled at him…

He got a camera pulled out on him and placed to his forehead. Only this time the camera didn’t flash…

He was in his jean pockets and took every thing he had. Never smile and show teeth to a man like him.

The last, last, last time he seen someone smiling at him… A dark colored car with dark tinted windows rode past him

Slowly. The passenger of the dark car rolled the window down and was grinning at him.

The dark colored car drove past him up to the end of the block On the corner. The man in the dark car hopped

Out of the passenger side of the car while pulling his ski mask down over his face in the middle of June.

He…. Ran up to him with camera set on automatic taking lots of pictures of him. Missing every shot as the one dodging

Then ducks in between two cars.. The shooter ran out of film and flees off on foot running up the block.

The shooter got no pictures of him…

Let me tell you something…

Don’t ever smile at a man who’s been through war and more…. The last, last, last, last time someone smiled at him…

Four guys with hoodies were walking down the block toward his car. The four guys had their hoodies pulled over their heads.

The man in the car could only see the top and bottom rows of one of the boys gold teeth.

Before the four boys could pull their cameras first and aim at the man in the car.

The man in the car leaned his seat back and reached behind the passengers seat quickly pulling out his camera like paparazzi ready for action.

Flash! Flash! Flash! Flash! Flash! Flash,flash! Flash! Flash, flash! The man in the car leaned I’m the window seal of

The car with his camera and took the pictures of three of the four boys attempting to take his picture.

The man in the car went looking for the last boy that got away around the town. He was very desperate to take his….

portraits perfectly….

Before the man in the car could get to the last boy that got away. A week later he found out on the streets that

The boy he was so desperately looking for… He found out that someone else took his picture.

Let me break it down for you. When you smile at a paranoid, shell shocked soldier who’s been in a mental casket for some years. Resurrected only when his camera goes flashing souls in captivity. Standing up and re walking through the past tense of cruel battles. He knows no happiness, no love, no relationships or friendships. All he know is how to take cameras apart, clean them, put them back together in seconds. Load it up with film and take nothing but head shots. Picture Perfect to the memory.

Please wipe your smiles away in the presence of a man like this…..




38 thoughts on “Respect The Photographer Before You…

  1. Fascinating. Your post took me on a journey. Made me think not only about soldiers who suffer with PTSD but also the way war twists the mind, flashes and loud noises especially firecrackers bring flashbacks plus other negative things that Veterans deal with. I went into the US Army after Vietnam so I served with many Vietnam Vets. My heart went out to those guys.

    And photography has its taboos. Many years ago when I went to Amish country we were told not to take pictures of the Amish. They feel that photos have the power to steal their souls. Or at least that’s what the tour guide said. Anyway I always try to be respectful of all cultures. Photos do capture moments in time and some Empaths can connect to events that happened 100 years ago via seeing or touching a photo. Currently I work for a museum that had a Civil War photography exhibit in 2012. As I gazed upon each photo many with mangled and maimed soldiers I could feel their anguish and fear that the horrors of war brings.

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    • You speak a lot of facks… And sence 2 years ago I have been diagnosed with PTSD…. amongst other things…. but hay… I’m still alive.. and my soul is still intact! Thank you very much for your comments and dropping That wisdom and knowledge on me! 😊 ✌

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  2. Wow. I know this is very real, but it’s also really creative. I just wrote a post about taking people’s pictures in Memphis and how no one seemed to want to smile. A friend of mine suggested it might be because many of them are either former or current criminals. Your writing reminds me this may be true.

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  3. That is powerful…. You know I could be slow sometimes so the first couple of sentences I was taking it for what it was saying and then it got deeper and deeper and the way it ended… all I can think is excellent writing

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    • Thanks and your not slow. So don’t say that! Your a very bright and intelligent person. Sometimes it just takes a moment for us to process what’s between the lines and not what’s in front of us. Thanks for your support my friend and comment.

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