I Surrender

A great friend of mine and a great writer who…. is the shit! La’Camry from (camsclosetblog.wordpress)
And me… Chris from (listen with your soul)


Hey guys here is a little something I’ve been working on with the great help from Chris. He is AWESOME by the way. But here is my first ever duet, so hope y’all enjoy as much as we did creating..


A Duet By: CAM & CHRIS

On the run, we were unbreakable.

We bore the zig-zags of life’s curves.

You were the running back of the show;

your only instructions were to follow my lead.

I’ll guide you there all i asked was for you run it home.

Undivided & united we were supposed to stand

Suddenly I’ve been standing alone,

 stalling & being stagnant for you to return to your throne,

Leaving me guessing that you think you can conquer the world all on your own.

I’ve never mind you being the coach or even the QB.

 I understand that your mind is strong enough to rule…

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Cradle Beside You

Black bandana tied around my eyes while you introduce me across paths. You stop and untie the scarf. You enhance air quality. Enjoying the moments around my sidekick.

You stay by my sweatshirt close to the right side of the chest pains. You unvail your mirror of half innocence to me. Thin see through glass frame I wish the whole world could see.

The many ways of expressing your consistency of towards me is sort of a mythology brought to life. You are not an object. Your the equation solved to make the perfect under goddess. Alive you are to the eyes sight.

Looking at your kool-aid smile. Then you put your hand over your mouth. Revealed the ring on your finger.

I told you I love the mirror. Up to the glass kissing me without lips. I pull you like a rope close to me. My strong hands connected to your waistline. You giggle like I tickled you. Dropping kisses like mixtaps all over your black sands and clear slippery waters.

I use a raft to paddle to your…

Through your…

Then crashed blind sided by rich botanicals. Rotating us like the wheel of fortune. She braces herself for the ride for she is my crip-tonite turn vice versa travaling devoted future unfolding.

A King Beyond The Streets

A long winter wool coat draped down to the flo. Tommy broom sticks concealed within ready to blow. You have made a noise loud enough to make the whole city know. Never step in the way of him in black coat.


Staring at what you left under the rug. Fast cars like stage coaches. Chased while galloping through the hood. A man with absolutely nothing to lose and no cards to fold. Behind the steering wheel of a pitch fork. All bathed in dripping gold.

This is the only man who can turn a bad Avenue or Blvd block into a quiet safe zone. Without swinging nickel plated frustrated enders of life’s splinters. That needs taking out as quick as word of mouth.

Moving around like drug currency from the south to the north. To the north to the south. The bait car moving up from the south to the north and back to the south for more. The man was made of pure organization and trained thought by core.

He is the only man left in the city with pure heart and never bending a knee to any.

He is a hybrid of anarchy with in hybernation that can wake when tried of patience.

He is just a man…

A human…

When Opposites Become Alike

You too close to me!

Give me twenty feet!

This is your warning!

For those concerned!


Everyone quiet!

I’d love to give a special toast to my anxiety.

My minds panic fuse blown since birth.

We’ve Been together for so long.

Over thirty years!

You’ve kept fist swinging on every and anything alerting to my senses.

When you and anger team up.

You’re a tool for actions unexpected times unexplainable.

I know you better then all and this toast is all to you my love.

I hate loving you!

I Want The Money Now


Is know good…

Testing patience…

Don’t do it!

Hunger can turn the lights on to violence.


Walking around with lent in his pockets on pins and needles.


Not wanting!

Nobody ever gave him nothing!

Not even the last crumb of a blueberry muffin.

This is now the barrel of the gun man.

Wanting everything!

Leaving nothing!

Hands to your side…

Gun to your chest…

This ain’t know test….

You better just do what’s best…

For you!

Begging For Heaven

I want to know, how do you feel?

How was your day?

Do you feel alone and sad at night?

Are you happy?

Are you crying?

What is your favorite color?

What is your favorite food?

Do you like to be held or hugged?

Are you the type to kiss and tell?

Do you believe in love or not?

Do you have a hot spot?

How is your family?

Do you have a family?

What is your favorite season?

I want to know everything about you. If there is something you want to keep to yourself then I’ll respect your silence. I want to walk through your trail that never ends. I don’t play games or leave tear stains for you to blame me for. I want to stay everyday so we can move on. I want to make you earthquake from my every thin touch. If you love me like I adore you and love you then let’s make it official. Putting the stamp on our love sending it. To the hand of a priest ready to release the powers invested in From speech. Can I be yours till we cross heavens doors. Sincerely your smiling clouds above. Kiss me twice so I know it’s real. Kiss me like the first time you could remember how it felt to truly be loved again. Kiss me love and let’s join hands and hearts I solidarity thoughts. Turning cement into concrete solid evidence of love and heavens existence. Forever!