Cradle Beside You

Black bandana tied around my eyes while you introduce me across paths. You stop and untie the scarf. You enhance air quality. Enjoying the moments around my sidekick.

You stay by my sweatshirt close to the right side of the chest pains. You unvail your mirror of half innocence to me. Thin see through glass frame I wish the whole world could see.

The many ways of expressing your consistency of towards me is sort of a mythology brought to life. You are not an object. Your the equation solved to make the perfect under goddess. Alive you are to the eyes sight.

Looking at your kool-aid smile. Then you put your hand over your mouth. Revealed the ring on your finger.

I told you I love the mirror. Up to the glass kissing me without lips. I pull you like a rope close to me. My strong hands connected to your waistline. You giggle like I tickled you. Dropping kisses like mixtaps all over your black sands and clear slippery waters.

I use a raft to paddle to your…

Through your…

Then crashed blind sided by rich botanicals. Rotating us like the wheel of fortune. She braces herself for the ride for she is my crip-tonite turn vice versa travaling devoted future unfolding.

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