I Surrender

A great friend of mine and a great writer who…. is the shit! La’Camry from (camsclosetblog.wordpress)
And me… Chris from (listen with your soul)


Hey guys here is a little something I’ve been working on with the great help from Chris. He is AWESOME by the way. But here is my first ever duet, so hope y’all enjoy as much as we did creating..


A Duet By: CAM & CHRIS

On the run, we were unbreakable.

We bore the zig-zags of life’s curves.

You were the running back of the show;

your only instructions were to follow my lead.

I’ll guide you there all i asked was for you run it home.

Undivided & united we were supposed to stand

Suddenly I’ve been standing alone,

 stalling & being stagnant for you to return to your throne,

Leaving me guessing that you think you can conquer the world all on your own.

I’ve never mind you being the coach or even the QB.

 I understand that your mind is strong enough to rule…

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