My Cuddle Buddy

A dime piece shined stepping out of the shower. Putting a towel around her upper chest and another towel she used to dry her hair with. It’s 10 degrees outside and the blizzard is not the only thing that’s coming tonight. I’m sitting comfortably. High off what I see feeling like I got hand warmers in my burgandy and grey sweat pants.

Thank the Lord my shorty left the bathroom door open so I can see all that is mine. All that is fine. All that is divine. Good God! My suger baby is a goddess! She was looking in the bathroom mirror drying and fixing her long curly red hair only to put it in a ponytail. She can feel my eyes scanning and lotioning her body down before she even laid down. She looked out the corner of her left eye and said “baby…. Why you looking at me like that”. I said to her… I think you know why.


A beautiful pink butter fly burst out of its cacoon making my seasonal directions riot soon. A platoon of tingly feelings March up the back of my neck. You aroused me with just a blink while small liquid dots come down your soft silky skin making me weak in the knees like the S.W.V. song. I just want to touch you all over your wet body when I unwrap the brown towel from around you then put ya feel up and eat ya sweets up.


I looked out the window from the black recliner to see slow snow flakes dropping from the cloudy nights sky. Then I heard her towel drop to the floor and I slowly looked to the left to see her body’s natural glow. I want some bad but I know I got to be a good boy and wait. Naked and oily from her blue berry scented body oil she began to walk over to the bed and put on her red tee shirt…. Damn I love it when she puts on that cut up red tee shirt exposing her thick curves and her bright desirables the perfect image of God’s gratest creation…..

She was driving me crazy and she knew how to put the petal to the metal and work the hell out of the stirring wheel. She then slipped under the thick white puffy blanket and I watched her turn away from me in the bed with a slight devious smirk facing the bathroom. I thought to myself for a second and self agreed that we should get undressed and get in the bed with her.

She said to me “baby I want it in me now”. So I said… Hold up and let me hit the kitchen and get some water first then I’m going to come back and put that ass to bed. She then said to me “Hurry up please daddy”. I walked down stairs to the kitchen and went to the fridge, pulled out the jug of water and poured it into the cup and drank it. I then put the food that was left out on the stove back into the fridge and the jug of water too. It only took me a minute to get back up the stairs and into the room where my little snow bunny was waiting for me. I hoped into the soft bed with my lady. Got closer and closer till I was behind her and then……… I heard her lightly snoring. Damn! Obviously she’s had a long day at work So I left her to sleep. Ain’t that a bitch. Well in a way I guess I did put her to bed.


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