Please! Don’t Read This! This Is The Worst Shit I’ve Ever Wrote

Ya I cursed! Violent talks and walks through the dust storms. I love all of your positive speeches. I love all of your pictures of Sandy beach’s. I dug a bullet out of his chest with a steak knife and my finger nails. I know I ain’t shit and I never will be so don’t have pitty for me just listen to me. What? I bet you just think I’m downing myself. Just check my track record or Google misery. I was sixteen the first time I snorted a brown dream. I’m sorry but everything just can’t be perfect in your life! Or is it? Maybe you never had to steal to feed your siblings. I’m not hating! I’m glad you can take trips. I can’t cuz I have felonies so I can’t get a passport. The good old USA…. FUCK DONALD TRUMP AND THE KKK!!!!! Racist to me just because I’m black watching neo Nazis March on Washington D.C…… What the fuck is going on! Hold up! I fucked up… This was suppose to be positive. What I wrote was suppose to make you see who I really am… Or some shit! Fuck it… I fucked up again and again, and again and again…. Filled caskets while you sat home cozy hand crafting wicker baskets. I’ll just watch the pictures of you going to college or graduating or some shit. I’m sincerely glad that you made it. On the flip side where I reside prison pictures in the yard with other inmates for making chancey mistakes. Oh fuck! Is chancey a word? I don’t care…. It will be today! I made being me fashionable. You stole it to perpetrate. If you really knew how we live across the train tracks. You would shed a tear for every time I gotten booked for a misdemeanor charge went to bail review and got a no bail then got sent back to jail to rot in hell. Anyway… I’m so proud of you and your remarkable success… For real! I’m not hating at all! I guess we all went to jail because we didn’t want to starve. My mother was just happy that I survived in there all…. That’s it…. If you got questions… No comment! The 5th!


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