Love Bird Award

Another award for me! Wow! Eat ya fucking heart out Taylor Swift!😂

Naw she cool… even though I don’t listen to her music, but anyway….

This is a new award named “Love Bird”. (So I guess I’m a love bird now…) Well… Giving and award named “Soul Fire”. Was a waist…. (these are her words)… As everyone was in favor of love. So she has discovered a new award that is for love writers….

Ooook! I’m sort of half in half but I’ll roll wit it. My bestie Nikita Arora! Thanks again lil sweet heart. If I ever have a daughter… I want her to be as intelligent and giggley. Just like you Nikita. A truly great spirit! No doubt!

These are the 5 questions I was blindsided by….


#1. Thank the person who gave you this award.

I did dat… look…☝

#2. What do you think about love?

I think love is… Well good and genuine love is like the first time you bitten into some chocolate. And had that tingly feeling and it wasn’t a STD.

#3. What’s your favorite movie?

“The Shining” and “Hell Razor”

#4. Who is your present crush?

Well personally I never kiss and Tell. I’m too damn classy for that. 😂 My present crush is a small lady name Oxycodone…..

#5. Share a link and post it on your site..

Girl… Please…. Everybody on hear knows ya!😄👌

My nominated Peeps are…..

The whole cast of the walking dead.

I mean… Have you seen that shit. Great story line and action packed… Am I right!

Seacrest outtttt!  🎤(dropped)

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