Two Puppies Left… In The Kennel Of Passion


“Small explicit language”…

“I’m just saying”…




It’s midnight… I’m on the next metro to Baltimore County. I was a teenage grown man then. Weekend’s past 10 o’clock. I would always take the train two my second home inside her.

Do you remember the things we’ve did as young grass roots? Do you remember the sented candles you would bring home from work? Red or pink ones illuminated the room. The picture of me and you at the skating ring. I didn’t skate… You would boldly insist that I should… I wouldn’t… So I would watch you…

Back when I had cornrow braids. Only around you. I wasn’t so full of rage. We took that photo while on stage. Oh those days…. Reminising…. About the times when you would tell me when your wet.

You would ask me to take my fingers and stick them slowly in and out simotainiously. That sticky wet trap while you layed on your back. You would turn on the sterio and play” Janet jacksons” C.D….

You would say to me in your light voice. “Don’t stop don’t stop”… Puppy love it was. Nights of us over shadowng each other in physical form. Sometimes you would even be steping out of the tub.

Your red towl still on. You would open up the front door hair still wet. To let me into your apartment. I would walk through threshold. You would jump up on me. Wrapping your still wet arms around me.

You would say something like… “I just got out the tub”.

“Smell me”…

“Don’t I smell good!”


I really want to say to you. Wherever you may reside on this planet now.

Thank you!

For teaching a bitter, misunderstood soul what real true love feels like. Not just for those cozy midnights.

We were a couple once hugging and kissing in public…. I hated kissing in public!

You would do it sometimes to mess with me. I know that…

Your insite gave me a clear view that someone really can love a person like me. Truly!

We Were both the victims of a bad past.  Tough up bringing and had to grow up faster than expected.

We fed off of this platform of pain. Coming together as two mentally insaine criminals of love.



We loved!

We seperatated on bad terms.  It was best for us to just part ways.

You were the perfect deffinition of real love… Real puppy love.

Thank you!

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