Gift To A Bad Man

On the corner where a bad man layed wounded. She came along donating her heart. Resurrection of him… She left bad man clueless. She came just to see him everyday in the hospital. Till bad man had awakening. The first face a bad man could see.

She smiled and said….

“I saved you!”

“You owe me!”

Bad man said…

Stay by my side.  I’ll change your whole life… I will change your whole mind. Just give me some time! I’ve waited for you to rescue me my whole life! Now you aline your self by my bed side.

The same blood type. Living rough right. The combination of bullets plus bad luck right. I never do things like this for enybody! Excepting a heart from a random stranger!

“I’ve felt your presence my whole life! Gravitation to your lifeless body. Not even knowing a stich of who you are! Never have I felt like  this inside and out!”

She said…

Bad man sat up in his hospital bed. Leaning towards her to hug her tight. She got in the bed right beside bad man.

He said to her…

“Your the exact equation solver of all my problems! Not unless you ever want to… I cannot! Let you become none visable to my side!”

She said in the bad mans ear…

“I’m not clever enough to ever leave you…”

Then she tured to face him smiling….




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