Landing Signal

Something like a jazz band… Soothing hands that touch. Never parting ways! Hands that never wave bye to you. A toast to playing on lovely days. Spokesman for bed time saxophone notes.

No games!!

Vibes that cut personalities like a deck of spades! I can see through the hands you were delt. I just hope she winds up with this king. Love displayed in air raids. Deep tones keep blowing smoke out of my dragon age.

Loving… My…

Loving… My…

Jazzy girl! Eyes on thighs like spandex. Shiny like coconut oil on skin next. Never did I haft to try you on! Always being my perfect fit!  Sizes it! My heart is a fadora and winter coat. Your eyes now like emeralds! Grabbing my curious signals!

Gorgeous cliffs with snow peaks. Seductively high enough for me to reach. Music in the far away background. Your pulse beats like 1000 drum sets!

Bump bump…

Bump bump…

And etc…

A live bands introduction in vain! Lips to a poets gift…. Coming to kiss the words…. A sculpture in paragraphs!  endlessly sharp words statue! Pink impressive caressed bottom lip experiences.

Something you were never accustom to… This song is very brand new to you!



Songs only for your soft light palms. Jumping off the flowing pastence gone….

I just want you to play my song…






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