Our Story

Worried bout you… Worried bout me to… The way we came to… Seeing this thing through… Like you died… All I think of is you! All I want to wait for is you!

Lighting drum sticks beat down the burning! Just to make sure I played those drums rite! It’s true!  To me your so adorable!

Connections that are highly strong like a palm reading oracle… Loving you till the hate in me soon breaks! Leaving behind that old guy… Once feeling deplorable…

That old falling building feeling free leaving leaves of war… Blindfold jumping off the highest tree trunk. You lick me like cake icing…

Bakery fresh out of the oven! Loving the way you…  No pay per view… Labels say…. Out of the vacation lingering impatient! Now when the wheel of future moves to love making….

I love making water spout… In a mass trans making your signature satisfied  face. A lady thats smiling for every time she thirsts for the thinking of me like a bad habit!


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