Bar Stools And The Pidgions….

All I do is listen. Listen to the thin air. Transparent rants about what your going to do and what your should have did…


Sit your ass down!  Read a book… You ain’t doing shit! Your just making shit talking into a sport!

I’ve never been interested in sports or fake gangsta crooks. Your never there when its really war going down! Yet… when it’s over for the time being. You mysteriously pop up after! Talking about what you would have done if you were there!

Blah blah blah blah…

You would always rant about who you would have beaten up or who you would have shotten up.

Talk talk talk talk….

Whenever things got tough. You where always at the mother of your childs home!  Cell phone on silent mode or off. You peal your lips like taking a mouse off a sticky trap. later on speaking to authority’s about me…….

Some of my guys were shooked!


I already knew you were rotten! Boy I hope you rest in piss with your lose lips!

Trust me….

When judgment day comes. You won’t be able to talk your way out of this one.

Free all my ni…..

(You might have lost at trial… but I’ll be the judge at ours… See you soon! And give your sister my best regards….)


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