It’s Whatever

Early this morning I died in my dreams. I use to think that’s how people die in there sleep.




Is the trigger to an explosion making enyone a enemy.



To only those I do not love. Pro’s and cons of an ex con. Climbing up to the pro’s. I no you don’t no. It’s cool! You can’t even read close.



The tag on my T shirt says that he could be the worst. Then under it says 400% cotton. If this was years ago…


Let me stop there…

Mark my unfiltered words. I was facing 40 fucking years for something I wasn’t even fucking aware of…


Fuck the fractional solve of this equation un-mathematical! It’s always your word aginst there’s.



Can’t count how many times I said a prayer! The police and detectives were just shitty instigators!



Deep in my chalk heart. I was prepared with whatever outcome. I just wanted to lay on a bed an eat often.



Trust me though!

It may seem like it but there is no free meals in there. If I could be free to me it’s like dieing in my sleep…..

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