High Praises part #2

“high praises to the love In yalls hearts”



To all the women who stand up for the men like us…

This is the last thing I’ll say…

I just hope you can understand me…



A mans heart isn’t determined by what he has or the wrong he’s done.

A real mans heart is determined by him protecting his loved ones.

The sacrifices so everyone else can get what they need first.

His will to stand tall for his family wrong or right!

Taking risks for us if needed.

His word is his bond solid.

His actions not his vocals.

For Example!

Showing his love rather then saying it but when he says it he means it…

His ambition to make things right from his wrongs.

To Tell the truth even if it hurts.

To listen, take care of you in sickness or bad heath.

and more………….



To all the real women left!

Thanks for your love! Believing men like us can be better! Helping us and never belittling us because you may have more together.

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!

Our hearts!




To the guys who have this RARE type of situation… Don’t abuse it! Feed it nurture it and keep her! Don’t lose her!

By here excepting you…

That’s the biggest blessing!




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