These pictures are of honorable men! These men dedicated there lives to there hoods, youth. Stopped violence in there community’s! These are the faces of men who where either killed or imprisoned far away. These are the street education of urban survival… These are the men who sacrificed them selves by dieing for a righteous CAUSE!

These are the men who by the federal authorities and local police and the CIA that were called gangs. We were known in the community’s as activists! Men who wanted better living for there people and always made the youth come first!

These are the men the authorities called gangs! And American is so brain washed that they believed anything the TV shows and the media tells them! America is a facade country that makes you believe that good is bad… And bad is good…

Mean while… Poverty is at its alll time high…


THE forgotten PEOPLE!

these men were truly called… Not a gang… ITS A URBAN BASED PEOPLES ORGANIZATION….


I’ll explain in the next part!

Peace and love for all!

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