The Meeting of Two Minds


let me tell my side…

I didn’t want to do it period…

But she is a wordpress veteran that helped me…

In my beginning times here…

So I said fuck it…

Although we might not…

Write alike or think alike…

Shes been a mentor…

So this is our collaboration… “finally😒”

“I’m also open to do collaboration with enyone. I look forward to mixing and not matching styles… Perfect to me is not trying to be perfect… Holla at me👉

“I will respond as soon as I can thank you!😃”

Quiet Corner

I proposed a collaboration with a friend and fellow writer; the meeting of two minds. He was opposed to the idea at first but he came to realize that maybe it was worth exploring. Our styles may very well clash and I think it’s a good thing. Why? Because it gives me the opportunity to see how our minds work on the same subject. I get to have a birds-eye view from his perspective, which is gold. We agreed to write one poem and one short story. For now, we have our poems ready to share. We’ve titled it, “Gutterflower”.  Enjoy!



A flower plucked from the grave of Dr. Anne Frost.

Of a few cents it only cost.

No one knows who left it there

she was so mean, why would anyone care?

Doctor’s diagnose disease after disease

with a note, with these pills, take three of these.


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