Again! I’ve Changed!

Dry your eyes

To this new day

I am a fool A

We all make mistakes


Lacking pations

Identity mistaken


For the savage I was


I pissed on everday

I crushed


The things I’ve did


For lunch

Kicked doors

seal walls

Drugs and all


My down fall was

My generosity

Advantage of

My heart of gold


Mold grew on my fist

Others blood on my

T shirt

Blood on my Timberlands


Mad cuz my feet hurt

I litterally walked miles

To get to where I had

To go


Slow pain

No mercy

Had no mercy

I planted no mercy


In others

So other gangstaz

Reimbursed me

Endorsed me


Hanging off the back

Of mopeds at thirteen

Shoot outs

Screaming like


A Soldier being trained

“This is my rifle”

“This is my gun”

“This is my block now”


Street warlord


To violence

Do not get it fucked up


I’d die to protect

My community

Loved ones

These were no stun guns


Pulled out to show where



Collided with shadows




“I win”



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