Invisible Paper Lynch






How can we hold our head high?

If what’s there we desire.

Can’t be reached to its entirety.

Rigged all things  that don’t equal.

To see the explosions of opposite people.

The reaction is always the same.

No understanding of these horrible ways.

The ways in which to not live these every….


Evil in our mannerisms!

Differentiates in moods!


Never intended on hurting or putting fear in!


It’s just the environment!

The troubles and rubbles we live in!

With the sun being a ceiling!

The moon!

Is were the suns absence is pending!

The strange fruit that hung from trees!

Is now the faces of!

Poor women and men of color having a hung jury…

When even unanimous dissisions…

Are still minipulated in prejudice judicial systems!

Couldn’t wait to sentence thee.

Claiming another victim of this bubble of division.

Divide and conquer.

Always looked down at.

As A…


Subtract us from our skin.

Maybe we can.

Be equal to them!

Showing my porcelain ass off!


“Get a fucking job like everyone else does!”

Never will they understand.


The box of chocolates that once were…

were melted by a shackled society…

Stepped on!

Walked on!

Spit out on to the floor!

No more!

The chocolate said….

No fucking more!

4 thoughts on “Invisible Paper Lynch

    • Well you no damn well you got my support!

      and welcome back.

      you missed me?

      was that a typo? lol!

      no I appreciate ya to the utmost!

      and you will have to let me no when you post..

      I don’t
      even care if it’s by email, Morris code, tribe smoke code, a kyte, Grey hound buss, whateva…

      don’t you forget
      bout me.✌❤


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