Walking Air

A quiet place…

  • For my mind to encase…
  • Palaces My thoughts…
  • Alone I slept on spring water…
  • Wildlife talks to me…
  • Nature cradled my feet…
  • I merchanted off my woes…
  • Through my blood vessels…
  • No sounds of helicopters…
  • No sounds of gun violence…
  • No sounds of ambulances…
  • Tattered dead bodies…
  • Lying on the ground…
  • No sounds…
  • Only me…
  • My new home…
  • The grass…
  • Toads…
  • Stones…
  • Marshes…
  • Birds…
  • love…
  • Across my mangled…
  • Mind…
  • I lye down…
  • In my new bed…
  • By the creek water…




To You… I Give Thanks…

“I’m looking for the words to say…”


Short sweet…


To the point…






I die…

Lesser and lesser inside…

When I…

Post or write…


Has definitely…

Saved my enemy’s lives…


I put aside…

All my vendettas…

I opened up…


Stillborn heart…

Every time my…

Pen starts…


I can’t give…

You all everything…

I’ll have…

Nothing left for..


I just wanted…

To thank my supports…



If I could…

I would do…

This everyday…


Yall are my everything…

Like “Mary J…”

Her last name…

Is “Blige…”

Now I’ll just…

Let you all…

Be my eyes…


I give you my love…

I’ve displayed…

One third of my…


I know…

I can be indecisive…

I decided…

I will stay…


I use to cook coke up…

“Bobby Flay…”

Now I sling lines on paper…




“Let me rap this up B!”








country singers

Cartoon network


I love lucy

Bill Maher

Loud ass rap music

Tom Sellecks Mustache


“those are the only things that come to mind right now…….”


As I pray facing the sun!


What’s real?

what’s up to date?

In my life…

I’ve definitely made…



When your trying…

To progress…

Walk a good route…

A gravitational pull…


Snatches you back…

Into a horrible place…


That’s her name……





On 400….

I’ve been under investigation literally. Back and forth for over 10 years. Murders… Other bullshit of all types. My chest I must get this off. Back then..

My life was fucking hard!

People in my life. They literally came into my life to go. No self defensive law. In the city where I’m from!

Well not for my skin color and impoverished background.

I did a lot to survive…

That’s besides the point….





On 400….


I was litterally a cold gunner. A known hitta…

(In translation… I paid my dues to being… Known to be that boy to never fuck with…)


Hurts that…


I will never be mentally right…

(In translation… I’m shell shocked off horrible days! Now still trying to fit in… The general population of this normal society…)

Hard times….

I damn near starved to death at sometimes. I had no support from anybody…. I tryed my best to support everybody! Trying to equalize my blessing with my wrongs.

I robbed people…

I was hungry…





On 400….

I lost my first love literally…

She was mudered…


If revenge was a warm dish. I was never there to eat it…


I still feel irritated, sad in sorrows…  Trying to forget that day…


Still so fucking bad… If i could have taken her place. I wouldn’t be here today…

Its just not fair!!!

I’ve never cried so much in my life…


So much…

Sometimes I still do…





On 400….

I was a active gang member damn near my whole life… When our numbers grew larger… The factions started braking apart… Difference in visions and mind sets… Majority of them went with me… When I was old enough… To be OG of the set…

I known as a…

Positive gangster…

A leader who cares…

About the people Of my neighborhoods… A shot caller that was fairly reasonable. From The children… Up to the elders! They all still  respect me… Even the gang unit task force and the local police. My brothers and sistaz look up to me…. There not even considered members. There my family!!

The other part of the factions. Made the true gang culture look bad… Killing, robbing and stealing and more dumb shit.


To me…

Not all cops are bad! Just like not all gang members are bad. I love my community….

And which it stands…




on 400….


I claim…

(What’s that?)

Westside 400blk Spruce Tree Top Piru and I’m proud!

Out of all the shit I’ve been through… My mentors were the older women and guys! The only real true supporters! I’ve ever had are my gang brothers and sistaz…

There the realist men and women!

That I’ll ever know…




On 400………..


The Definition Of Our Freedom Is?

First and foremost!

I’d like to send my strongest and deepest condolences!

To the family’s of the great people!

Who’s innocent lives were taken away!

By a islamaphobic white surpremist punk bitch!

This act of (terror!)

Yes a (terrorist)!

Aginst a peaceful Islamic place of worship!

In New Zealand!

As well as other incedences around the globe!

Will not go unpunished!

True justice will prevail!

Power to the people, prosperity and strength!

Hold your heads high!

In the land of no justice for all!

Oh and…….. Fuck Donald Trump!


There it is…

No papers!

No quiz!

No wiz kid!


Of the fearless!

Your word aginst mine!

So I have no say!

So they!

Will never listen to…

A word you and, I say

Say word!

Dehumanized as we pray!


Be wise…

You don’t have to

Take sides!

In order to realize!

There is no freedom

For color!



There crys are voiceless…

Our crys…

To you

They mean nothing!

To the opposits!

That’s how they feel!

That’s how we feel!

They fear our color!

That different religion…


Those flags that says other


Most red white and blue ones!




You will not see me protesting!

It does absolutely nothing!

If we are peacefully in a crowd!

They think that

We are up to something!





Be reborn on my side of

The colored body.

The difference in accent.

Or the things they say about me.



A world where….

We are not safe…

The police shot Jay Rock

In the face!

They said it was a mistake!


They labeled Hassan

A terrorist.

All he wanted to do



You would just think

It ain’t true!



Understand if…

You keep fucking with

A honey bee…

That one bee

Will come back

With a swarm!

To attack!

You would to!

Flying up out that tree

In a frenzy!


Sometimes it just sucks to be you…

It sucks to be me…

It sucks to be us…


The outside world can…

Sympathize all they want…


That’s cool…

All the support…


Thing is…

You can never be us…

You can’t bring back our

Families and loved ones…


Oh ya…

Fuck Donald Trump………


Bull Dogs, Akitas And Pitbulls! Oh My!!

Scalpel technique

Razor blades sink into

Red apples

Colic symptoms in men

So cliche

Abrasion blends

Popping up on

Loud mouth infantiles


There are so many

Words to

Discribe you

For now I’ll just go

With idiot

I gave it all away

For a mediocre

Crowd of living


If that ain’t a

Real word

So what

I just made it


I dislike being in


I just hope my

Crown isn’t to


Cracked and grimy

Dark unkindly


For the excavation


You ain’t no soldiers

My blood line

Is litterally tainted

From pirate blood

Government robberys



The movement

A new breed of


With out a

Physical presence



I will kill a pedophile

Strait up

And admit it


This has nothing to do

With my

General sentences

Sentence me forever

I’d rather do life

In solitary

Then to let a

Child preditor monster



Good bye


Kids are my heart

Even if I

Don’t have none

To see or here

Them get hurt

Or hurting

My blood stops


My patients

My meditation

Goes broken

My spirit grows


I will do absolutely


To protect the kids

Even if it puts my life

At risk


Knowing I was

Once a


“Not sexually”


I was

A neglected




I never mattered


You will all

Matter to I




(I have an announcement to make. I don’t like to consider myself a blogger. I’m not a poet or story teller. None of that… I have respect for all even if you don’t respect me, but for those bloggers who say things like….

(I like your work and I have a blog so check it out when get the chance😀😀😀)

You know who you are. Miss me wit da bullshit, telling me you like my work. I don’t even like my so called work. When you probably never even reat my stuff….. Bottom line is…. Be creative and stop tryin to be pethetic by selling your self on other peoples pages. Do like majority of us do and put in the work and time like we did or do. Not to disrespect, but don’t do that shit here…….. Thank you and have a peaceful day or night.)

👆My Mind

“Do you ever feel way under lonely?”

“Do you ever just feel painfully lonely?”

“You begin to doubt the ones that care?”

“The ones who say they love you?”

“Lonely enough to cry but you don’t want to?”


“Your all liers!”

“A down mode system mentality!”

“Feeling like this world just isn’t yours?”

“Not suicidal, yet you just dont want to be here anymore?”

“Never feeling that strong love you deserve!?”

“At the same time!”

“You don’t want enyone near you at all?”

“I’m my own victim!”




Held hostage by my best skills.

Agitated by dumbass things that don’t matter.

What matters to them is selfishness.

I’m not sorry for nothing!

I’m my own victim!

Held hostage by nonsense!



What’s lawless is who’s in office!


“Calm down man…”


Shut up!

I’ve had enough of this atomic garbage!


“I know what atomic means…”

“Don’t question me…”


Atleast when I was on drugs…

I had a glimpse of happiness!

I’m my own victim!

I’m holding myself hostage!




Things that don’t matter to anyone…….




1 Forming bonds between lovers. Ultimately pushing a agenda. One that notifies family as truth.

2 Global warming.

3 The researcher to a cure for HIV AND AIDS.

4 Reserching a cure for various forms of cancer.

5 Poverty…

6 A great education for the Forgotten disadvantaged inner city kids.

7 People’s who are poor and living in a unacceptable society looked down at.


The list go’s on and on!

I’m my own victim…

I’m holding myself hostage…




I feel like…

I’m the only one who feels and sees this horrible mess.

I’ve lived with dry blood on my steps.

I’ve Ajax down those same steps.

I’ve lived past a trial.

I almost caught 3 murder raps.

Not guilty!

Fucked up but it’s me!

I’m hear today to make a statement.

I’m my own victim.

I’m holding my self hostage.



Away from future mistakes.







The Ghetto Festival

Skilled thevies

Cut from the

Two hundred percentiles cotton

Sleaves of a killers womb

A lost tape of

The past

Born to be wild

Born to die


A young age

Dope slinging disabled

By there own diciple

Pull pistols on guys

When that rent went late

Look into his eyes

The colors of

Lots of leaves raked up

Mud revealed a gangstaz make up

Tactical take downs

Task force

Forced kids to

Re-eat dog shit

Then plant evidence

On them

They beat them with

Knight sticks

Irons over the heart

Sparks a good soul

To part







Turning the makers into a

New revolution


So it’s not televised

Revenge perfectly

Would be a heaven send

The other friend

Of his

Died in prison

From a untreated




Marshall law aginst police

The “Che Guevara’s”

Of our times

Pillaged for peace

Protection of the community

Label as gang members

When black men come together

The women with us to

We looked up to

Car chases ensued

Hopped out on foot running

Guess he was

From the wrong hood

Head hunting

They gunned him down

Them solid boys

Don’t fuck around

Convicted felons before twelve

Believe it

Or not

The narrator doesn’t even care

Mafia influenced

Cop killer influenced

Growing up never having


Or less then

Some kids

Went mad

Turning into cold killers,

Cold cases

Even heroin Addicts


Is common

Leased a uncontrollable


Shot swans in the face

Diving in cages



Stories of frozen teachers of basic survival

The  assets

Never to be told



Praying for the Rapture


Now instatitionalized

Writing out there

Why me’s

On cell walls

All surfaced

Right back to reality on purpose

Fuck the world

They chanted

Over plexiglass door

Then lights out

Never returning






Maroon And Crescent

lips thick like parallel hips tainted longitude.

Verry rude, to offended to prove how I want some of you.

Cool whip smooth to cover my scars an bruises.

Broken bones infused with, Oxycodone land slides.

Into you…

No speaking, creeping across pleasures stairs.

With out creaking…

I fell in between the crack.


I feel it comming…

Then relaxed into a relaxing relapse.

Knott’s of song notes.

Float across the language of love.

To dissolve in to a disconnected buzz.

You got a black man to blush.





Full Reinforced Reincarnation

“The most hated, the most corrected and under rated is back!”

“If y’all thought I was done!”

“I have an infinite amount of ammo in ligistics!”





Had to get my shit together

I lost six day ones in one month

First two

Damn near a day apart

Dieing seems to easy

living is like being butt naked freezing


Bad nerves erase my good evenings

Do I run and tuck tail

Or post bail on my evil


Fuck outta here

I don’t smoke no more

Bullets still flying

Hitting mail boxes

Knocking mail out of them

Normal seek and destroy

Little dude from the corner told me

“Fuck school I need a job”

Two days later killed and robbed

I no some bodies care about me now

I hope they don’t doubt me now

Im left

Never explaining my problems

When asked

I say

“Don’t get mad”

Or think it’s act

Sometimes I go back

To all my hoodstuff

To check up on the pack





The remainder of my mental state


A ray of sunshine


A positive though or vibe


The serious problem is

I’m black

They ain’t never going to see that

For the record though

I’m back