Full Reinforced Reincarnation

“The most hated, the most corrected and under rated is back!”

“If y’all thought I was done!”

“I have an infinite amount of ammo in ligistics!”





Had to get my shit together

I lost six day ones in one month

First two

Damn near a day apart

Dieing seems to easy

living is like being butt naked freezing


Bad nerves erase my good evenings

Do I run and tuck tail

Or post bail on my evil


Fuck outta here

I don’t smoke no more

Bullets still flying

Hitting mail boxes

Knocking mail out of them

Normal seek and destroy

Little dude from the corner told me

“Fuck school I need a job”

Two days later killed and robbed

I no some bodies care about me now

I hope they don’t doubt me now

Im left

Never explaining my problems

When asked

I say

“Don’t get mad”

Or think it’s act

Sometimes I go back

To all my hoodstuff

To check up on the pack





The remainder of my mental state


A ray of sunshine


A positive though or vibe


The serious problem is

I’m black

They ain’t never going to see that

For the record though

I’m back




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