Bull Dogs, Akitas And Pitbulls! Oh My!!

Scalpel technique

Razor blades sink into

Red apples

Colic symptoms in men

So cliche

Abrasion blends

Popping up on

Loud mouth infantiles


There are so many

Words to

Discribe you

For now I’ll just go

With idiot

I gave it all away

For a mediocre

Crowd of living


If that ain’t a

Real word

So what

I just made it


I dislike being in


I just hope my

Crown isn’t to


Cracked and grimy

Dark unkindly


For the excavation


You ain’t no soldiers

My blood line

Is litterally tainted

From pirate blood

Government robberys



The movement

A new breed of


With out a

Physical presence



I will kill a pedophile

Strait up

And admit it


This has nothing to do

With my

General sentences

Sentence me forever

I’d rather do life

In solitary

Then to let a

Child preditor monster



Good bye


Kids are my heart

Even if I

Don’t have none

To see or here

Them get hurt

Or hurting

My blood stops


My patients

My meditation

Goes broken

My spirit grows


I will do absolutely


To protect the kids

Even if it puts my life

At risk


Knowing I was

Once a


“Not sexually”


I was

A neglected




I never mattered


You will all

Matter to I




(I have an announcement to make. I don’t like to consider myself a blogger. I’m not a poet or story teller. None of that… I have respect for all even if you don’t respect me, but for those bloggers who say things like….

(I like your work and I have a blog so check it out when get the chance๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€)

You know who you are. Miss me wit da bullshit, telling me you like my work. I don’t even like my so called work. When you probably never even reat my stuff….. Bottom line is…. Be creative and stop tryin to be pethetic by selling your self on other peoples pages. Do like majority of us do and put in the work and time like we did or do. Not to disrespect, but don’t do that shit here…….. Thank you and have a peaceful day or night.)

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