The Definition Of Our Freedom Is?

First and foremost!

I’d like to send my strongest and deepest condolences!

To the family’s of the great people!

Who’s innocent lives were taken away!

By a islamaphobic white surpremist punk bitch!

This act of (terror!)

Yes a (terrorist)!

Aginst a peaceful Islamic place of worship!

In New Zealand!

As well as other incedences around the globe!

Will not go unpunished!

True justice will prevail!

Power to the people, prosperity and strength!

Hold your heads high!

In the land of no justice for all!

Oh and…….. Fuck Donald Trump!


There it is…

No papers!

No quiz!

No wiz kid!


Of the fearless!

Your word aginst mine!

So I have no say!

So they!

Will never listen to…

A word you and, I say

Say word!

Dehumanized as we pray!


Be wise…

You don’t have to

Take sides!

In order to realize!

There is no freedom

For color!



There crys are voiceless…

Our crys…

To you

They mean nothing!

To the opposits!

That’s how they feel!

That’s how we feel!

They fear our color!

That different religion…


Those flags that says other


Most red white and blue ones!




You will not see me protesting!

It does absolutely nothing!

If we are peacefully in a crowd!

They think that

We are up to something!





Be reborn on my side of

The colored body.

The difference in accent.

Or the things they say about me.



A world where….

We are not safe…

The police shot Jay Rock

In the face!

They said it was a mistake!


They labeled Hassan

A terrorist.

All he wanted to do



You would just think

It ain’t true!



Understand if…

You keep fucking with

A honey bee…

That one bee

Will come back

With a swarm!

To attack!

You would to!

Flying up out that tree

In a frenzy!


Sometimes it just sucks to be you…

It sucks to be me…

It sucks to be us…


The outside world can…

Sympathize all they want…


That’s cool…

All the support…


Thing is…

You can never be us…

You can’t bring back our

Families and loved ones…


Oh ya…

Fuck Donald Trump………


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