Word War 1

You couldn’t hang with me if you had a bungy cord!

Measuring bass….

Money’s what it takes….


Sending me a kyte….

I send back coded ideas….

On the street….

From a penitentiary cell…

In fenced…

A difference made…

The structure begins….



On the souls of my shoes! Breaking away the blood scraped off boot decay! The root! Fruits! Beemer Coups! Lexus! Bentleys To Mersades Benzes!

I watched them!  Ride up and back down the street! The block in the early 90s! As a kid poor and dirty! I looked up to them! So what did you think I’d become!

Who did you think I’d be!

Years later!

Most of those players! Women and men! Died from complications! Were murdered in there own 4s and 5s! Pens! Needles! 9 millimeters! The Feds sence late 1999! Showing evidence! Getting high off there own suply! Servers and dealers became customers! Taking about all the money and cars they had!

Mastakes learned from these guy!

Investment in discise! Dirty money in the dryer! Some people wore wires! Then next week there tied up! Columbian neck tied up! Left! To bathe in homicide! Only thing left were toe nails, teeth and bad luck!




New words begun…….


2 thoughts on “Word War 1

  1. I’m here reading you, Christopher. I just want you to know that. There’s a lot of torment in these words. When I’m dealing with my own pain it’s hard to take on someone else’s. But I keep reading because you’re so honest. It isn’t about “good” or “bad”. It’s about REAL. You are certainly REAL.

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