A Fools Gold

Heart mass murdered

Matched with my trust issue

Issues dirty to

Can’t be dipped in detergent

I want to curse so much



I’m nowhere

I know how

That’s to Clechie

I harbor no tranquility

When times change

There channels

I want that channel

I couldn’t afford

I’m just a man that

Is a horder passion

Up in my junky living room

Space that’s empty

Occupied by ghosts

Wanting to give

Wanting to let it go

“Those  love TKO’s”

“In the great words of (Teddy Pentergrass)”




Violence in my eyes

Jaws I’ve broken

Back in my times

Where just

One real hug would have made me

Put down all those guns

I did

Still trying to be the man I’m not

I’m not civilized or a civilian

I’m a time bomb strong

Like a sugar cain

I’m the rain jacket

The one you never use

When it rains

Left in the close for days

Till the unbrella breaks

I’m that stray dog you saw yesterday

The next day he was road kill

In the streets

Body parts drifting away

I’m that guy that gets

Backs tured on him

When I’m patient

Yet if I cry

They’ll all get scared

My face isn’t use to tears

My heart use to live

The one I love

Use to live

Where my heart was

I do have a fear

One I’ve discovered

Now I no what it is

To die with out

A true loved one holding my hand

I feel like I’m still that child

Left behind

No one understands

Fuck it


4 thoughts on “A Fools Gold

  1. Nice poem, I didn´t know you wrote poetry. We definatelly started out on the wrong foot. Since I´m a begginer poet if you don´t mind I´ll stick around and learn from you as I do with other good writers


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