I Saw

Don’t reply to me

Reply to our life

This life is for you


Don’t leave

Be my tree

Honey is nothing

If you wont ever bee

Together like fingers

Love can be as gentle

As warm as the smell of

The top of a new borns head

If down

Let’s fix our broken

Peaces of focus

When the truth shalt be






I will wheel in the

Sand clouds

That damn smile again

You drink

Storms of wildlife

Run wild through my life

Your physically the final

Your a living vacation

On palm tree island

I will visit you to

Row in your crown

The black sea

The Indian Ocean

The Atlantic

The Pacific


Cutting off valves

To hold my orders

To dream

I’m so ooooohhh

Galixy a floating

Only when you shine

I can sunbathe

In a phenomenal motion

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