A puff of black smoke symbolic.

Definition of entirety.

To be whole.

When held by our sequel.

Rope you in with biceps.

That becomes the lasso.

You head into dark disires.

The tittle of loves madness.

I say…

Love alot!

In each post about!

All that’s intertwined with us!

You’d probably fly away from normal.

Wanting some teeth clinching material.



Don’t take…

That off…


Keep them on for me.

That is what the.

Foolish me likes…….

Yes is so correct!

Drawn a tantrum when!

You suck on jewels from the Nile!

The desert I can refill!

With a healthy civilization!

You wait patiently……

I poor out honey on your fixations.

Every drip…

You lay it on your tounge like.

Listerine strips…


You can sit down.

In the chair over there.



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