Beautiful eyes holding fire like candles.

Given more than you can handle.



Like porn star status.

The women of your dreams right.


I hope you know that.

Your dreams will become night terrors!

Stone gaze…

Of propane…

Turning the average man.

Into a trained chimpanzee!

She lures you in to her sapphire.


View finder…


You thought you found true love!

What you found was!

Suicide in a mini skirt!

You get what you ask for!

What you don’t ask for will.

Potentially gets you.


They feel you…


Dusty ass attitude!

When her was…

Isn’t even hers…

The one who wants you…

Is really the one who wants you!

The one that will be patient with you!


(A man)

“But, but, I love her man!”

Fuck outta here!

She’s going to turn your chump ass to stone.

Then laugh…

(Her on the phone with here friend)


“I just broke another sucker!”



Stand over there with your tears later!

I’ll tell you I told you so!

This over here!

Is a no cry zone!

Then she’s off to the next man.

To make his life worst…

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