Cops And Robbers

“Guess who I wanted to be?”




Keep me away from sweet ladys…

Keep me away from banks…

Or car names like, Mercedes!


More of the same zees.

That cave man I be.

Wild like…

Life under a rainforest…



I’m a cavity!

A pleasing, pleage of pleasure!

I can’t care for or cute cuddlys!

I get ugly…



Playing rugby!


Rough housing with what I want!

Then walking away!

So I don’t get hurt!



So I can get hurt!

I won’t get hurt!


Or blurt out!

I love you’s…


Me no punk bitch!

I’m a slit wrist!

Done the right way!

Not the attention whore way!


I’m a broad daylight.

Can’t be right or get right.


By the way…

I’ve  infused myself with vintage calcium.

Bones hard for breaking jaws.

I’m a ruthless disobedient.

Reason to Shot on site!


If I seen myself walking down a dark street.

I’d shoot myself!


Raw on plexiglass!

Sniffed off of…

Just bad, I be…

I was born to be wild!

No one can save me!


I’m the stinger on a bumble bee…

Punches multiplying like…

Growing lavender….


I burn sage on myself.

This aint no petty ass cry!

I need you less!


I’m a pitch fork!

Stuck in a pile of mess!


The last loch ness!

I will eat you!

Then discard you like…


Black man with no quotes or commas…

Bad comments!

No problem……….


I’m on foot disposable like!

Baby wipes…

Ben not nice.

More then twice!


Don’t show me your shine or valuables.

Don’t show me your values.

There edible….


I don’t give a damn!

I’m a badass man!

Alpha and omega!

Never regular……………..

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