That Venom

“artwork by me”


Crush the lemons


Let loose the citrus


Great tasting ingredients

Recipe for something steamy

Something good for the recipient



Till the peak of uncontrol


Under the bridge

Sqeezing out the tears of joy

Testing the taste

Till I know if it’s to my liking

So thirsty



I need that adrenaline

Rushing tawards my

Selfish likes

Not selfish if tight

I had missed my lips bottom

Got some on my white v neck

T shirt

So right that

I suck all the juices

That were left on it

From out of the cotton

Lemons to lemonade

The space I fill with


To act right

Act ups

Hick ups

On a dim evening

I will

Still eat it

So so so sweat

Nothing compares

Hooked like

Held like

Felt like

The lemon smiled at me

Is the lemon

Consuming me

If the prices go up

I will find some way

To purchase one

Try one

There is only one I need



Summer or


Fall I think

Not in that order though

Juicey on me


So juicy to enjoy

Intakes this


Rambling on



If un

Then opening it

Till my spinal

Spirals Into a spiritual awaking

Feel like

Marshmallows dropped

In warm coco

If the lemon had pockets

I’d be in and out like

A bank deposit

Hoping I can

With drawl out it

In time

The chances of that

Are like

Trying to grow my hair back


This damn lemon

Is going to give my a

Outer body experienced heart attack

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