No Picture


One word to discribe the mentality. Yours can jam my mind up like, New York traffic. Trafficking you through my mind like bad habits. Drugs that do damage. So good to me…

Damn rabbit! I can’t catch! Catch up to stop. With out that sassy mustard. I want that voice that stays sweet like custard. My costume can be your birthday suit. Days that smile

“Say cheese!”

Flashing my knowledge as bright as I can! The feeling will never ever flash back! That Reflection from the beautiful sun will… Block its surroundings for my irises. Shutting down…

The mind stops it functions. I really want to spread this butter. On your toast. My Knock off designer mind is gone. The hyperbolic time chamber Is where I live in. The testimony to my longest years of lonliness needed.


One time seen event. A typhoon I triumph over. My battle could have been finnaly finished. If I caved in. I’m in a cave. I’m just a cave man. Caved in… Caving in my crazy sence.

“throwing it!”



“I never ever miss my targets!”

“I targeted!”

If I didn’t hit my targets. I faked it. To dissolve an dismiss my desires. I have cave them in. Fenced them in. A shock callar on. In case of mentioned.


“I’m buck ass wild!”

“So that might turn me on to!”

confused about what can make me live forever. With a you… Or if it will burn my hebrew soul. Holy water boils on the stove. I dipped my two fingers in this dream. That burned the hell into me.

Awakend with out your picture…



So perfect…


The death of my future…….

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