All Praises Due

Browning skin…

From the sun…

On a covered up tattooed tear drop I got years ago.

Correct me if I’m wrong but….

I love all the beautiful women of….

All shapes, sizes, colors and cultures……




Sweet pear tree “Queen” that bees.

My trap.

Native blood cute cotton tail.

Soft spoken.

Open to anything.









For a hoping chance to romance.

That shining ornament on the top.

Of a Christmas tree on my mental morning.


Olive oil nose posed for me.

Looking at toy toes.





Charged up!

I’m forever imprisoned.

All In open.

Pushing my focus.

To create white water waves.

Important size heart, body and mind.

That I wish was mine.






This may sound real lame but…

I’ll be her slave for life!

The freaky crushed up crash dummy for your stay.


I need that rain on that thing.


Speaking in my ear in……


Low tone finger prints.







I say…

The darker the berry…

The sweet the cherry!

On my tongue like cereal milk.

Flavored ice creamy.

Enough to drive me crazy.

Into a wall of safety.

How the hell did I get here!





Her racist dad.

I don’t care if he hates my guts.

I was born with a back bone.


Long hair!

I  double dog dare her.

To let down her long hair like.


Let down please.

Little tale like a pony.

Meet me…

On the Titanic were I’ll wait for you.

Don’t panic….






Seasons of…



You been….

Verry humble…


Cares for me…

Enough to kill time..

Forever if it touches me….

She likes love notes.

I wrote you a letter…

Please open it when I say so.






Cultured rose petals.

Meadows of her uncommonly breezes.

By me..

I’ve seen her dance into sensuality.

In a very cold igloo view.

Eden eyes breathing odd.

I realize I’ve been swept off my feet.

No suprise at all.













She rings my bell!

Like a Cathedral…..

Snow white…

Snowed in…

So white…

Over snow fights….

Fun hugs…

Kissing Hershey…

She likes to nibble..

Never bite..

Warm with in a temper.

Warm in my temple.

I love frisky troubles..

Be my cabin…

I light the log for you…….







So small in my arms.

She jumps up on me ecstatic.

Her love for me isn’t fabricated.

She is my second home like prison doors.

I get down on my knees to please…

Her with no description…

That I can say.

I promise it’s xxx rated…


A script for I to play in…

I’m the young man…

Shes my naughty school teacher…






Black hair I dared my self to look away.

My desires are to…

Dress her in something edible.

Your very flexable…

A specialty…

So special to me…

I go crazy like me…

Heart eyes!

Popping out of my scull sculptures..

When your my bank…

Im the direct depositor…





2 thoughts on “All Praises Due

    • Damn long time no speaky lol!

      I’m actually speachless right now……..

      there is alot I wanna say but I’ll just leave it in my imagination.


      Congo you say…

      I’ll do another post like that one and I promise that Congo will be the first✊

      The gem is within our blood so of course the gem will shine.

      stay in touch👌


      Liked by 1 person

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