Never Again

“A dedication to the all understanding sympathisers of America that helped me these past 2 month on my upcoming project!”

“Thank you for standing up for us addressing injustice and inequalities of my people and more!”

“I truly and sincerely love you all!”

“With understanding we can all come together as one nation and and worldwide!”





You can’t just sweep us under a quiet place under America’s rug!





How can you pray?


The truth of American history!





We only want justice.

For all….

The things…

The family’s and children divided…

Sold off to the highest and lowest  bidders…….





America please!

Stand up and acknowledge!

The aftermath of slavery!






“Peace and love to all!”


4 thoughts on “Never Again

  1. There will always be racists, bigots. we have a racist president now , we must resist the movement against our democracy. Look what we are doing to the Central Americans seeking refuge here. My own ancestors were beaten and refused housing and work when they came through Ellis Island. Again we must resist discrimination against all races.

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    • 1st and for most…

      Fuck donald jackass chump!

      2nd I really really really respect you for speaking your heart to me and to the audience!

      Now we no that this is all something that is bigger mentally then we can imagine…

      my deepest sympathy goes out to your people!

      but we must all fight together and never alone for true justice and for all……

      I would love to hear your story some day any day whenever.

      it’s completely infuriating to hear the kids cry out put in those cages dieing by the borders.

      trying to seek better days!

      the mothers the father’s brothers and sistaz!

      but this is America….

      make America great again… bullshit…

      but again I truly respect your comments and enyones comments good or bad or just how your feel…

      this is not a debate…

      this is what is visable, over neglected and washed away……

      it absolutely fucking kills me to no Im a U.S citizen….

      I will listen to anything you have to say. peace and love to you!

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