Clensing My Self From Satan! Sorry… I Ment Liers!

Earths my Birth certificate. Left In the garbage. Who am I? Who cares? I’m perceived as awkward.

Just give me some shears. I’ll bump glass like cheers. Pruning your petunias. Your ending to a future.

Proven alpha! She told me I’m a good woman’s worst nightmare.

I said…



“Do I care?”

“I dont know?”



I asked her…

“Do you care about me?”


She replied 30 seconds later


“I don’t know?”



I laughed!



So maybe I’m just everyones maybe…

Got it!👌



I don’t trust things that lay. If I can not see you stand up. We are not the same. Continue your lay down.

Riddle me fucked up!

Slithering snitches!

Shiver me timberlands!

Two boots!

Denim jeans!

Troops that go when I say so!


I will never be a maybe! Never to them! Bread to be the best to them. So I bread them in order to breed the next of them.

Those who fear none!

Not even the less of them!

There all next of ken!


Living to be one who respects all! To respect the rest of them. I only put my trust in the next up.


Real guidence is a requirement. This curriculum is what they need more. Lies are what they need less. True love is never a maybe or ever a wanna be.

We live by loyalty. Loyalty needs to be taught more. Truth that cant ever be forgeries. Designer hearts don’t live in the fabrics that rip or tear so easily.

All we need is us in this tampered, tainted world.

If you want it!

Then take it!

If you love it!

Then praise it!

This isn’t just my imagination!

I ain’t know damn temptation!



I vacuum lies up one corner at a time till times up….

Till time is up!


One by one all at a time.

Choking them out of existing.

Always going to be a fugitive.

For always speaking real shit.

Keep me in the dark.

I hate seeing bullshit.

Separates me from there lives.

My apartment is the baby bottle.

Your just breast fed from a brain dead body.

Deer urine sewn into you suckers.

Step up!

Lieing fuckers!

Lay down………….

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