Unhealthy Minerals

Zoo season cutthroat Inhaled smoke No inhalers… Hailstorms of stampeding Crack capsules Snap backs Cocking back… Boom!!! Listens to squad cars Zoom… Paramedics Late as usual…

Fi! Fi! Fi! More shots as usual… Spin the conner Bending Again silencing witnesses… Apprentices of death Metro token Holes in the side’s Of cars doors… Don’t panic!

The plannings Of unparenting Plan’s to have No childhoods… Wild hood’s! “Billy the Kid” Would be scared! Just don’t fear If fear smells They can tell… Even police Will rob you!

Beat you up! Take you to Jail Frail If you live to Tell! There’s no telling To enyone that will Hear tears of hustler… Turn killer… Contracts signed Since we came off Slave ship’s… Beloved Devine Divided My ancestors spirits!

Nothing’s changed But the solstices… Dirty underwear to small to change… Your… Mind… That was never there Scared of starving till the… Devil’s chair… Sat down on Saturn’s… To us it’s harmless… The calm mist harnessed a Electric disaster…

God bless the safest¬†automatic firearms…

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