Touch Lines

Tooth pick short

Brush painted blood forts

Flood birds

Black crows

Creole I speak to

Gathering the facts

That makes me weak

I break chains from feet

To move on…………


Everyone’s lines are


Lane switching in the


Smoke kills so good

Love died already

Oh how I’m so ugly

Don’t look at my egg cartons

Into my eyes raw thought

Brought heads to meet

Thoroughly forming days

That could put me on


Any day




I never think


Going away

I have no one left

They took everything…………


From thee

All praises due

I calendar mark my

Days till my death

If my debt is payed

My steps are through

Falling in plain view……………





Lines of abuse trying to abolish the truth! Of a gun shell casing! Hollow and rain rusted my taste buds! Slain layed holes in temp tags with no title or registration………

In the facile light by what creeps behind me…

Those lights…..

Or double barrel pipes….


I’m gonna gun it till the last mag has emptied!

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