“I may die in battle but I will never lose the fight!”

“Gun jammed

He lost his life

In hot sands……”





Still I wanted to be a paragraph…


Sitting on the soft side of my eulogy

Preparing no pictures for the inside….



No good times!



Mind was permanently layed off!


My casket will be a tin can

With a nickel and a penny in it!



Can’t even play a fucking Jukebox!



“Shirt worth a damn juice box!”

“Sweet Dreams Are Made Of These!”

“Who the hell am I to disagree!”

“Lol I love that song!”



I’m the land mine out of my damn mind…



When I finnaly die in battle

It will be from eternal life…



Since I fell from God’s kingdom wings Smokey black on both sides…



I’m trying to keep that side A

From side b turning my cassette tape

Into one million degrees!




This beautiful pain

Will be my victory…



I don’t need nothing!



Or a unknown known sprocket to do shit for me!!!



If you want to pitty me!!!


Do it by dieing for admitting our cause to live means you never gave a fuck about me!!!



Our corpses will kiss for a ment to be moment……..





“This will be close to a victory……..”


I trust know one or nothing trying to get close enough to me!!!!!


I’m just dry rotten dabree………….


One thought on ““I may die in battle but I will never lose the fight!”

  1. An amazing poem, Christopher. Powerful. Abundance of great lines. AND spelling errors. Everyone has spellcheck in the Word program or even lesser software. Use it. Why would you mar a spectacular poem with easy spelling errors? I’m just tryin’ to help, bro. I love this one. Dying from eternal life. Oh, what an image!


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