You Can’t Send Trauma To The North

Any questions?



I don’t care……

I really don’t…

I’m on a conference call

With a cannibal.

One who eats balled up pens and paper phone calls to those upstate universitys.

Sending kites out to stop some unlawful assassination or assault on another faction in place.

Pace stopped now pacing slower, solar powered by some sunlight on some so called heroic…

I’ve been chosen again to raise my hand…

I had a decoy in my place my class mates told on me telling my teacher that I wasn’t present.

To a bench warrant, maybe if I’ve called out. Hell no! I ain’t going back into a trap like a rodent! They can’t steal my freedom again!

All praises due! Even the most high knows it’s true.

A drunken banshee kissed the chamber of the wrong rifle men. The front page was extinguished…

Well… The news… I’m not even going to start mentioning. Tripping that tricky mage into outer space… Burning like white sage always staying close to a bounty…

Fuck the City and the County………….

In slow motion………………

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