“Why We Shoot Back”


10 yr old grown men….

10yrs later…

10 become ten men…

10 out of 10, only 4 of them left..

10 year to life, some in prison for…

10 years dead or…

10 years in the feds…

4 of those 10 are left…

Those 4 even did time in prison…

For crimes they didn’t even commit…

Set up by police so it’s nothing to
Shoot back at them, before they kill

Can’t go no where, poverty issues so my family stuck.

Continuing to live life like no human being would ever want….

Never want…

As I yelled out!


Shot down from the head, to the shoes, no one would even give a damn over lives we’d lose.

Only God knows the pain….

Of a short fuse…

As electricity cracks in the rain….

Leaving the brain to forever sink in blues…

12 thoughts on ““Why We Shoot Back”

  1. This is extremely powerful. “Only god knows the pain…of a sort fuse”. That’s a great line, Christopher. There’s such agony in this poem. I can’t say I get it, I wouldn’t dare. I always love the sheer emotional power of your work. Check yr spelling. Insane. The video is chilling. Keep going, my brother, regardless of the obstacles.

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    • Thanks much much stelly stells!

      I’m just giving people a small part of the american dream for some of us….

      So people can acknowledge the pain and sufferings. That make some people turn in to cereal killers.

      Craxking under pressure.

      It’s not our fault.

      It’s a mentality from the effects of pure abuse. And society issues that no won will never understand but us.

      This is the truth….

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    • Not litterlly cereal killers. But just krazy as fuck and defencive.

      That’s why relationships don’t work for me. I’m different… Know one can understand my pain and it gets frustrating….

      So when I react to certain situations with force physically or mentally with out saying a single word. And wake up Yelling wen I actually do get sleep.

      It can scare the fuck out of someone but I can’t help it.

      So I isolate my self from general population.

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    • I once said this in one of my writings…

      “The only place I ever felt safe is in a maximum security prison and no less.”

      23 and 1…. 23 hours of lock down. 1 hour of being out of your cell. Transfered every were with shackles on. I’m dead ass serious.

      No normal human being wants to live like this but I’m comfortable.

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      • Your writing is raw, real and straight from your heart. It comes from your experiences I your life! Those hardships are shaping the beautiful person you are! I’d much rather see a Christopher with heal scars than a flawless one. You and I both have the same scars just from different places. Wear them proudly! Let them shine with love!
        I’ve alway been told pain and hardship is relative. I believe that very much. I can’t begin to understand what you go through and you can’t understand what I’ve been through. We just have to love each other as humans. It’s hard.

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      • Thanx stells!

        You are absolutely right about some of the things you’ve said.

        I sincerely hope you fully recover as Well shorrty!

        I’ve made peace with never loving again or the feeling of human connections. relationships and etc etc.

        Ya I heal one day at a time. But like a Vietnam vet….

        Some scars will never heal and won’t.

        I’ve made peace with that in my life as the strong introvert that I beez.

        Butt fuck all that noise yooo!

        I use my time to create things
        And I have so much writing I’d
        Like to post here but I can’t.

        I don’t want to give everything away! Lol. With that being said I focus my love towards my writing and arts.

        That’s all I need. No human being will ever change my mind. Art is the true love of my life and will always be.

        As humans always let you down one way or another and that’s fact out of 95%…

        This is my book to you lol👆😎✊

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      • Some things cut so deep. Keep creating and I’ll keep reading! People are so flawed, we are so flawed and we are all so selfish in our own way. People will let you down:/

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      • Flaws are beautiful… It’s the people who think they are flawless I stay away from.

        😈Or occasionally try they chin out to see if it fits my fists. 😆

        But I really do appreciate the things we discussed

        Keep on keepn it real stelly stells.
        And I’ll keep reading.✊😎

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