“700th Post!”

I think it’s crazy how.

I’ve lasted so long.

No face in the mud.

No bullets in my back.

No more selling crack.

I cracked my knuckles

Before I’ll ever fumble my


I’ll get pushed

Down by some badges.

Searched up.

beaten down!


never me!

I made it clear

That I’d shoot first

Before they ever bury


I’ll sleep awake!

So no one can take

My dreams.

I’ve grown here.

A month before I

Started typing on

WordPress. I was

Fresh up out the

Can. Throwing away

My I’d badge.


House raided again!


Days after. I was back

In jail. then questioned.

Almost violated parol

Into probation. Came home

Again to see my younger


He gave me the

Referral to refurbish

My life. Then he said to


“Tell your story!”

“Well don’t tell them everything?!”

“Man wtf!?”

“Just type in!?”

“You don’t know how to!?”

“Damn it!”

“Just write and I’ll type it!”

I’ve been on here ever since.


A negro still here!

Thanks for all the support, loves and encouraging words!

Peace and blessings to you all!

3 thoughts on ““700th Post!”

    • Well I’m sure you know how the system works.

      If you don’t then people who have been know wusup.

      Ya you supported a brotha since day one.

      I appreciate that!

      Even when I thought you where even the feds.

      Yes if you knew what I knew you would have probably went insane.

      It’s hard trying to walk the fine line when everything in your life is crooked.

      I won’t tell my whole shitty life story but I’m just trying to live right and stay away from bullshit man!

      And being black and fucked up from different ailments from the water, lead paint. Murders and etc etc.

      Plus if I ever gotta go to prison again. Imma make it count.

      Real talk.


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