Mentalities relapsed+

Bloody scars that painted my

War paint
Cuddles my face
I’m black and I’m

From the
Feet to the root canal+

A tramatic opposite+

I linger in blank expression+

Eyes wide open+

No type of emotions+

Poker face here+

Not bluffing+

No room for let downs or
believing in something+

Own mental distruction+


It’s nothing+

Living in hell I’m use to the most, beautiful, rotton+

Sweet sorrows+

I Embraced
The reason its not to be chased+

The heathen+

Stop trying to make them understand what they never will……


If I was a “NIGGER”
what kind of “NIGGER”
would I have been?

Would I have been
A house “NIGGER”
cooking and cleaning
For masta.

Or would I have been
A field “NIGGER” scars
On my lashed up back
For not picking cotton
Faster than that.

Would I have been A
Runaway “NIGGER” separated
From my wife and children
No turning back.

Would I been the rebellious
“NIGGER” gotten my dick
Cut off because that white
Mans wife was stairing to

Get it…..



Confederate flag flying
In the wind over my head
Where my children were
Lynced right in front of me.

Or would I’ve been a bitch
“NIGGER” fuck naw because
Ain’t no bitch “NIGGER” in


Fuck wit us!

To all my real “NIGGAZ”
And My real lady’s who don’t
Take no shit!

In there eyes we will always
Be a “NIGGER”! ✊

You Can’t Send Trauma To The North

Any questions?



I don’t care……

I really don’t…

I’m on a conference call

With a cannibal.

One who eats balled up pens and paper phone calls to those upstate universitys.

Sending kites out to stop some unlawful assassination or assault on another faction in place.

Pace stopped now pacing slower, solar powered by some sunlight on some so called heroic…

I’ve been chosen again to raise my hand…

I had a decoy in my place my class mates told on me telling my teacher that I wasn’t present.

To a bench warrant, maybe if I’ve called out. Hell no! I ain’t going back into a trap like a rodent! They can’t steal my freedom again!

All praises due! Even the most high knows it’s true.

A drunken banshee kissed the chamber of the wrong rifle men. The front page was extinguished…

Well… The news… I’m not even going to start mentioning. Tripping that tricky mage into outer space… Burning like white sage always staying close to a bounty…

Fuck the City and the County………….

In slow motion………………

There Is Only One True Judge



Deeper than usual…

Almost touching the bottom of life…

Through holy water…

A deference is made to see that I’m not drowning…

Why didn’t I…

All the sinning plus visions of my hanging…

Feet dangling, hanging from a multitude of bad news…

I cut myself free…

Falling through nothing…

Noting that would or could hold…


My life of weaving hand signs…

To spare the next mans cries…

will still leave me to eternal damnation…

I don’t need no golden ticket…

All I ask for is for my offspring to never be who I was…

In my past living…


You Gave……

She was smoking her stress filled cigarette. Then the maze ended!

She seen one single crown imperial in the middle of the road.

She picked it up! Picked off the wilted waist of good petals.

She took the imperial home then fed it.

She gave the imperial flower a vase. A fresh sun tan standing in her window. Soaking the strong stim in filter water.

She was the only one who gave the imperial a home! When it was neglected then tossed tossed out on asphalt.

“This crown imperial flower will never ever forget that…”

Pain Killers

I died today…
Rest in peace…
So sad my life
ended like it started.
I couldn’t shake
it so I dissolved
in my own bag
of brown sugar.
The pain it wouldn’t
stop, the flames
were very hot and
I’ve stained the
minds of lots,
but only after death.
No pot to piss
in so I stole yours.
Kicking in door
after door only
to find more
problems on
the other side.
Your irresponsible
lectures turned me
out. Making me
This is evidence
that supports
and confirms
my statements.
I laid on her
stomach at
night rubbing
my fingers on
her cesarean
scars and she
took her
pocket knife
that was already
stained with
her past lovers
blood and
stabbed me
in the back
and twisted
the blade
until it broken
in my flesh
to create
more pain.
I didn’t die
from that.
I died because
I loved for
one second to
many and
turned my back.
That was
the first time
my tears created
acid that
dropped in my
hands and burned
away the calluses.
I am so glad to
be dead.