Mentalities relapsed+

Bloody scars that painted my

War paint
Cuddles my face
I’m black and I’m

From the
Feet to the root canal+

A tramatic opposite+

I linger in blank expression+

Eyes wide open+

No type of emotions+

Poker face here+

Not bluffing+

No room for let downs or
believing in something+

Own mental distruction+


It’s nothing+

Living in hell I’m use to the most, beautiful, rotton+

Sweet sorrows+

I Embraced
The reason its not to be chased+

The heathen+

Black Merc 0202-0-16

Lately I’ve been


My old structure

of strict militant ways.

Don’t know how

long before.

I’ll be consumed

by the flames.

The past be the


Glued stuck to my frustrated


Being bound to

something worst.

Confused that sometimes

the worst deeds can set you


Mind filthy, rotting away off

The bones of my

decaying last good memories.

Life’s snap shots of

seconds of smiles and laughter.

Then Jokes become


The laughter becomes


Reality kicks into

Dissipated smiles.

The heart is distantly

colder like a halleys Comet.

As I rapidly forget short

Small numbers and sentences.

I won’t die…

I’m dieing slowly along

the way.

Experiencing that first hand

failure to control crashing

Into ashes.

Warped feelings overdosed, lusting

for violence and gun powdery

children’s cereal.

Maybe inching instantly

towards a whole

solid insanity plea.

Watching humans devour there

nurturers and there nurtured.

A thick book deal guide through

corruption, scams,

set ups and confusion.

More and more I

Aggressively drift back

into that.

Predictably same facial

expression that never changes.

No matter the emotion, excitement

Happyness of whatever

Joy is.

My face will always look

The exact same.

My face stays stuck trying

to comprehend.

Why everyone looks

at me like I’m a stone.

Maybe I am one to

Think of.

I fail the try outs…

Then become more

upset that I pathetically try to hard.

Or is just never close

To enough.

All humans are born with

A heart’s worth of emotions.

Yes that is fact…

What do you call a human

That has to program there self to?

Feel it….

Or know when to receive it…

Reciprocate it in a way to

Trust the other.

Note that it’s not always

Out to break you or kill you.

From the inside out…

I feel less and less emotions

like when I was younger.

My emotions are plumiting

Stocks all over again.

A very bad investment…

Back to who I was not

supposed to been.

The rebirth of chaos is

about to began.

I can feel it..

It’s me…

I am chaos…

The second coming…

Is on the way…

Free Us…

So we will be one with our former self…

The form of a poker face…

Dead from With in…

The Black Mercury……..

I hope I can stay here… If not… Fuck it…

Knock knock!

Then the call to me after…

“They said they want to talk to you…”

For what…

“Some bullshit…”

I laughed a these fisher men…

With badges on chains…

I’ve moved away…

An changed…

Still I remain…

The bad man in discussions…

Nothing matter when you’ve…

Been down this body slammed road…

Situations common like this…

I can’t even blink my eyes without…

Being pulled over an frisk…

Stopped on the street…

“You fit the description of…”

Let me guess…

A robbery…


Guns to my face…

Then released without even a…


Maybe I’m just in the wrong skin…

Or maybe it’s just a coincidence…

All I know is I’m use to my rights…

Being abused…

A grown ass man on time out…

That’s there plan…

The American dream…

When I can…

I’m getting a passport…

And getting the helll…

Out of this lemonade stand…

When life handz me that lemon…

Bye bye uncle Sam….

Gold Chains and Rings

(First and foremost… I’d like to say rest in peace “lil Game” and to the pigs who murdered you!  May they die in the worst way! Love you yooo and I’ll see you when I get there!💪☝✊✊✊)



Touch my hand between plexiglass… The big hand holds the small hand you have placed… When a man is down in helplessness… In any rocky situation….

A lion caught, caged brought to the zoo… He needs your plexiglass touch… Even if it frees him for 15 mins…

“Don’t talk!”

Just look him in his darkness without lips to tell…. Him something to give him hope… Making him feel human again…

“Down and out!”

Knowing he has you to… Get him through the bad times… Plus his darkness of days…

“You guys are liers!

“If you say men don’t cry”

What happens when the letters of love and promises stop? The ones you’ve sent him all along… He will stop caring about life and humanity…

“Throughout my personal experiences in life…”


The real women…

The strong women…

“Doesn’t have to mean physical…”


Just Strong enough to lead a man’s heart into the broken clock he became…

“He powerfully tick again!”

“Yes abandonment issues are real in human nature!”

Every women is made for a man vice versa… You don’t have to be physically there to hold him close… If he knows you’ll always hold him down…



Your love for a man…



“Because a real man is. A man with a back bone who protects and has heart! To give more then he receives!”


Only the strong survive…

If you love him truly…

Heal his heart and soul!

You shall receive his warmth forever….



“Those gold chains and Rings babeeeee!”


“Super… Swell… love… Smiling… Cute… Happyness😃😃😃 “

“A dedication”


Y’all all want peace right…

In order for there to be true peace in this world.

Is to acknowledge the truth.

Once you ignore or burry the truth.

There will never be peace amongst each other….


Every person of color

Every race…

Every real religion

Not the ones plagued with Pediphila…

Cover ups…



Tax free collection plate money.

Not these false painted over religions.

That were…

Are used to inslave the minds…


Taking away our true cultures…

As well as our true real first and last names…

Forming and forcing them into english names…

The ultimate Creating and distortion of the truth…

Killng off our traditionally ethnic heirlooms…


Our cultures true ways of life…

Modernization is a disease…

A sickness…

To the point that most kids can’t…

Or refuse to speak there native language…


Wedding traditionals…

Etc Etc…

Every tribe…

Every man, women child of color…

Or Native religions


Must be seen as a equal…

If your history allows you to see the…


Of your forcings of the lies to colonise us…




Once you understand the truths…

The real reality of history…

Then there will be peace…

With out long division…


“A dedication to blind souls WITHOUT blind eyes…”









Tears of joy…
To know that
mother’s second
born. Made it
another day
In the city of
Fire that
Had surrounded.

The smell of eggs,
toast and Turkey bacon
frying. Trying to
overcome the
loud music booming.
Out the cars…
As they pass by
the filled up apartments.

Nostalgic peaked in
hearing van doors slide
back. Opening fast back broken glass apps. The shell casings
Tapping the concrete.

Listen as my heart
beats faster like, a crack fiend taking his first blast.
Them crack pipe in trash..

I’m alive another day!
To open my eyes.. l made it!
This city of… lmmortal mayhem throughout my Raybands…

I slide on my slide on’s
Like slippers…
Brush my teeth…
It’s cold outside,
so much heat.

I open the front door.
Walk to the corner
store. Get my
morning brew plus
Cheap whiskey like
Drinking out of a
Boot. Dirty…..

I’m a word called bewildered..
By the slow police car
creeping past me trying
To make me a victims.
Drivers stone gaze
eyes watching me.

My every move!
I bop down the
dried bloody graffiti
on the side walk.

It made me think of..
The wild gun fight tragedy
That took place last
Last week. Claiming
yet another casualty..
These streets hold no

By the way… his
casket was closed
his family.. close associates.. weeping! Crows above
I walked away from
The dark pit.

Down the block past
Traveling past the
drug spot.

The blind
open air sales and
Customers… Come
On down!
Made sweat cascades
down my cheek.
I don’t want to
catch a cold from a
“AK 47”
botched robberys
takes place in front
of me. I ain’t seen shit!

I said Wazup! up!
To the guys and ladies.
Everybody I dapped up.

Never knowing… Greedy
politicians… Police
brutality is a trending
topic… I hear the old
Heads on the block…
Constantly gossiping…

The lead in our drinking
water… The schools
where our sons and
daughters go…

They aren’t giving
Good supporting jobs..
One with decent wages
So how do we survive?

Teenage pregnancy weekly..
Welfare… food stamps
used frequently..
As the day comes to a
end… As well…
I leave my home boy’s
In the alley with a
half a pint of Jack…

I’m taking my ass
Home! I say my peace, dueces and goodbyes. I know
seven out of ten of them
Might not make it past
10 o’clock. I went up the
Stairs to the house.

Took my keys out..
Opened up the front door.
No ones home.
The door locks broken nothing
Stolen.. maybe they broken
Into the wrong house..

Tired I laying on the floor,
I didn’t even get
I’m good.

I know that whoever will be.
God is good. The
Lives of other are.
So misunderstood.. Crime in order to survive. I blink my eyes then go I’m asleep drooling!