Salt and Mud

You left me stranded

So I drowned in
Gun fire, Jack Daniels
And 40oz”s

Drama, flying saucers
Bullets lost in
brick walls


In house furniture
Sold out slugs

Copper tops tree top

Cookie cutters

My Dimu called
Them bookie

Like he
Had a speech

Thats just Blood

Raised hell
A bit

To intelligent

In a cell a bit

Letters never
Sent never

They were

Never sent
A letter back

The child
That was once
Beaten blue

Brused for
For nothing

By you

Clutching a belt
Shaped as a “U”

And unfaithful like


I stay absent

Like you

Birddy Canary

I feel like

Silence is

The answer

To a mathematical


The equation


To make

A novel


For the

Use to


Couldn’t see

What I mean

With a monical

You couldn’t

Feel my Words

With a key

To catch

Up with

the day


Out of


And thank


Your own


Or is it


For what’s

To come

A mediphor


Giving you

The truth

In the


Of what

Is why

I go by

And go


As a silencer

No fake


To pardon


From death

Till only

I am left

Shea Butter

My intro wore your body

out like the latest


Capsules in tattoos,

Brain washed by

Someone so called taboo…

Someone I
Spy, that’s brown
Skin through
My glasses…

Crowned by

Your influence,

To Shine gold sunz

over me…

Jewel of the

Smile only


My Integrity…

Lables of silk

Stampede all
Over your figure…

I figured out,

If I stay on your

Heels, then

You will make
One man…

The fool of all
That is real…

Untied, tounge

Out like unlaced


Funny that I,

Peep us, more

Then you could

I can write

A courious

My Visions on

Yet, visions can

Be very scary
When you can see
Beyond the future…

The truth…

On self, I pray that I
Don’t place a

With a Russian

Rulete mind


For I know, that at

At the end, I’d

Be the one shot
In the head…

With no chances

Of surviving…

When love at first

Write, is a pen
On paper.

Out of control.

The odds of me

Surviving Having

A hole in my


Is a metaphor

For trying to find

A soulmate

that will

Never end.

Without us…….

Power Washed

Who are you?

When your asleep?

Who do you want to be?

When you’ve awaken?


Watching over my…

Paper mache angels…

Till they run..

Soaked by h20…

Falling apart…


To my knowledge I…

Want the love…


To my heart…

It hurts…

So much…


To my eyes…

I’ve seen to much…


Ears on alert…

Shouting drunken panasonic…


Slight pain like…

A crawfish pinch…


Tell me I’m worth…

More than everything…


I’ll just doubt it…

Deny it…

Then move on…


Song birds sing…

Those same songs…


Can’t you see I’m hurting…

Can’t you see I’m hurting…


Even my tears have deserted…



I live for peace…

Even when…

There are no pieces…

Even left…

Of me…


Touch me…

Your hands will soak in gasoline…

You’ll only ignite it…

Saying you love me…


You tell me you love me…

I leave no discription…

You won’t see nothing…

Not me…


As sure as you were born…

You’ll never understand my pain…


“Art by yours truly” ME!




This ain’t what you think it is. Decapitation of character now I feel no remorse.

For enything!

I lost value of myself. Died from the fall off of the slippery cliff never thinking logical again…

Tears have dissolved through my pens slim blue ink. Ink tears of consequences! I faced them all… Now and then…

Ghost child is what they called him. They literally thought I was dead. The truth of the matter is.

Like I said…

I’ve been murdered a long long time ago… I got tired of having and giving out my feelings to get a slit throat!


So it took 20 seconds for me to even bleed out.

Feed who!?

I’m not giving out! Or giving in! I won’t work for no one. Only self…

If I move at my own pace… If I fuck up! I can fire my got damn self! Don’t you tell me no God bless! If you no nothing about!


I see through transparent waves that show hello’s… Meaning absolutely nothing. You should have just waved your middle finger at me.

Atleast I would respect your honesty! My degree of lie detection is flawless by pure instinct!

You may think you no someone…

Till you slowly start to fade away. Fuck your have a great days!

Say how you really feel…

“Your so negative!”

“Stop acting like a bitch!”

“Stop trying to save hoes!”

“I think he has probably killed a person or two!”

“Who the hell are you!”

Just keep it real!

Words can never change me!

I’ve been dead!

Hahahaha 😈