To Sock a Cucumbers

Life is a scrimmage
Getting ready to pull

pop! pop! pop!

Non stop!

How to shoot
Then lay low from!

Your brutality!

Like hiding a stain
On gradma couch…

You cant!

You know
She going to
Find it!

As you do!

The word already
Got out!

For the law to
Come get you!

You better hope
They find you…

Before the streets

Your shoes
In the dumpster…

What did your
feet do!

Your crew is
a qazine
Best served


Your real

So you stand on
Your ten
toes comfortable!

You will always

The sewing
Machines of
Other Dumbfounders
Like you!

Found when!

Family can’t
Guide you
Or hide you!

Broken the very
Definition of…

It means to
be a real gangster…

For one…

Family always
Comes first!

You run to help
Your community
To breath!

Those in need!

Don’t take from
Someone doing
Just as bad as

If you going
To do it…

Steal from
The system’s
Branch corporate

Ain’t no honors
Amongst black

Any theives!

Come together like
Gum under your

You broken the

Roc a bye baby…

There was no soon
For you…

The U.S. Zoo

“Artwork done by me.”





How can you!

Even call yourself!

A God fearing!

Dropping kids!


Private prisons!


Killing fields!

 Domestic terrorism!

The people in power!

Ignore symptoms!

Throwing focus off!

Those beautiful!

 Hard working!

Human beings!


Crossing over!

The border!


They have no say so

Over there

Own kids crying!







No say so!

From hundreds!

Of miles!

Away from!



I want to cry!


If it were all the time!



I want to!



Every last child!

Torn apart!

From there families!

Bring those families!

Up higher!

Reunite them one by one!



Mom’s and dads!

If I could rob!

The government!

For a billion dollars!

They would  all!

Have free housing!

Health care!

From the harsh!



Turn my self in!

To authorities!

Just to give them all!

A better running starting!

For the chance to smile!



No more badges!

Or round ups!

Like wild animals!

Torn apart from!


Crying for freedom!

Seeking asylum!

For every childs!

Grand future!






When they dream!


They see!



These are not!

Sick dogs!


“Look at the flowers!”

Till blood falls! 



They will never be!




Inhuman element!

By sick disturbing!


Handed over from!




“Let those kids speak!”

Stop covering!

There mouths!

If you notice!

There Families never!

Get the chance!

To be heard!

By a reporter!

Riddle me that!


I hate being a American!















Loose Screws

(A oldie right here)



Brave hearted…

A combination of Wellbutrin and dilaudid…

If I was ever your target you missed…

I’m heavily bothered…

Disconnected from life like your phone charger…

Pardon me…

Fuck it…

Why call her…

Like a poor man turned robber…

Screaming, crying inside like your new born daughter…

A lingering life of violence that wont move with out a starter…

A hovering presence of death that stays behind me like a stalker…

One thing that I hate in life is a loud talker…

Go head and get your gun boy so I can finish what you started…

You just broke…

Didn’t ask for help…

Now you starving…

I rose  from the bottom of the trash can in the streets like a bag of garbage…

Don’t get aggravated with me lady…

I promise…

I wont harm him…

If he ever swerves out of his lane again…

I’ll correct him like a problem…

Eventually if you keep throwing rocks at a humble giant for to long…

You will be dearly departed…

War is for the wolves not sheep…

You’re a grown ass man….

When you go get dutch’s and cigarettes from the corner store…

You still get carded…

You still wet behind the ears…


I’m just discarded…


(Oldie right here)



I surrender…

Speed I need!

Running and running jumping fence after fence!

My shirt got caught on the gate!

Dogs barking, police sirens, helicopters circling, hovering low with search lights in the sky!

As I try to accumulate speed!

I need more air!

The wind has been knocked out of me by five black boots!

Shining chain link badges!

Standing over me in my face!

I taste blood in my mouth!

Salty, irony, gritty blood!

It’s over…

After I regain consciousness!

I opened my eyes…

I see sharp dressed suite to a tee standing in front of me…

While I lay on a hospital bed…

Inquisitions fly at me at top speed!

They realize two days later that it was mistaking identity…

Not even a apology…

Only hand cuffs taken off me…

Even a huge hospital bill…



(An older post)


I’m a walking cannon in the flesh just test me…

You’ll see…

I’m really truly blessed…

I got a lot of demons up in me.

When it comes to war…

I’m the best!

If you look me in my eyes…

Those nightmares you’ll  see…

When I inhale air…

I exhale death…

My lungs are like fire in the first degree…

I try to stay away from liars…

Trying to get the truth…

Its like pulling teeth…

Your tone of voice is very shaky…

Put some base in your chest when you talk to me!

Keen on body language…

I see you are in fear of me!

A life of crime was always haunted by my actions…

So my actions…

Please set me free…

Miraculously I clung to life when your bullets entered me…

Can’t you see…

Can’t you feel…

Can’t you hear…

Can’t you smell…

Cant you taste…

All the elements that I embody…

I’m the darkness on feet…

The sun light never revolved around me…

Cold as a wintry Niagara falls frozen over in ice…

I stand taller than the Washington monument!

Symbolizing that my skin is made of stone!

My heart you could never get to!

Even if you took the long never ending stairs to it…

I’m deaths immortal son of anarchy’s past present and future…

Try me!

you’ll see!



The mad side the sad side… Anger! A phoenix rises from the ashes of my enemies as I rage on and break my slavery chains of passion, camouflaged in sheep clothing  as I take control over your mind and soul for my own devious purposes. I’ve just conquered  you just to destroy you from the inside out. HAHAHAHA!!


My cold an powerful words can cut you like ice sickles of solitude and strength can form glaciers of insurmountable path ways that block all negativity and harm .from getting to me.


A smooth prodigy I be. The true reincarnation of Malcolm X by any means. With my poise and ethereal image I can make like a faucet and drip sweet words from my lips and etc. I can form rain from your eyes and raise thunder storms from the palm of my hands in advance and destroy all of your plans with no trace of a single drop of h2o.


Tornadoes and hurricanes rise high to the top of the atmosphere touching the astral tips of the skyline  where you will find my mental level sometimes. I other words I feel like no one cane join me by hand and mind because I’m to high up. Please feel free to join me if you dare because there is no air where I am. Is there anyone on my level of thinking or do I have to let the wind do the talking and let the cyclones do the walking. I’ll just send a tsunami of thoughts threw your brain waves to crash into wet sands.


With my feet planted to the ground I will bloom soon with the trees growing to become the final release for me to breath every breath I choose. Try not to touch the beautiful rose thorns covering my arms and palms because you will get hurt. You will bleed the poison I possess in the the photosynthesis of my finger tips sharp like jagged rocks my skin color tan like Quick sand ready to swallow your life existence whole if you deceive me in anyway trust me.

I am a force of pure nature and I am all five elements that produce pain, joy, sorrow, rage and happiness. I AM FIVE!!!


Why do you always fall for the same ones?Don’t you know he will break your heart again? Would you be willing to bet on a man like me and win? I promise you I’m different.

I’m nothing like him see my heart pumps blood thick warm dark crimson and he bleeds wild berry cool aid so whats understood don’t need to be explained. Try me miss, please I’m telling you I’m different.

He’s always in a rush with you. I’d rather take my time with you and get to know you, listen to you bare all your worries and problems. Listen… I know all about hardships that dock and don’t leave. I’m tough and rough but Ill still be submissive to your every need.

Miss please don’t make all the same mistakes because hes got a nice car and his bank is full and hes well educated. So what!

I’ve got a plethora of hope and faith in me and a old prison I.D. but all that means is I know where I’m going and where I want to be. Please put your trust in me.

I’m telling you miss I can treat you better than him and don’t over look me because they wont give me a job and I have PTSD. That just means I need someone like you to really love me.

Excuse me but am i odd to you because i’d rather wait for marriage to make love to you. Im serious because to me sex is overrated if your love for him isn’t true.

True love! I can take you there and elevate you there. To the whistling clouds of the ninth sky level. Hes always lying and cheating yet you still stay by his very side.

I really hate that! Why do you do this to yourself? I’m not perfect but i can hold your hand in public and show you all of my affection better than him.

Open your ears and listen to me please. Just try someone you never expected like me I will be your oak tree standing tall and full of life. I will show you I love you and that I care.

Please miss don’t over look this potential because you’ll never no what you’ll be missing and all this love you could be getting.

Don’t over look me.

There Was Party For Me But I Wasn’t Invited

The air outside is heavy.

I’m weighed down with guilt.

Your prejudice target.

I have to dress casual for court tomorrow.

I lost a bet to my ex and now I love alone.

Propriety damage on the housing of my brain.

There is no point in me living without uncontrolled substances.

A steroid to enjoy running after adrenalin.


The fumes of whats being cooked in the kitchen makes me horny.

There are way to many fatherless children.

I need this pen to win first place.

This morning I filled my tea cup up with emotions and dropped it.

Its broken now, how familiar.

A rebel that escaped the devil. I went though the wind shield crashing into my reality challenging the pain of blocking fresh cut fate tempting to taste all the spoils of war. My life I don’t adore when attempting suicide is such a bore defending my stand point is now my only chore. So I will love on only to indour…. More pain!

Reaching For True Love


I want to feel you so..

All I get is your dail tone…

Always wanting something I truly never had…

Free me… So I… Won’t be… So…


Wanting you…

The real you…


Spark my interest for the best wishes from me…

I’ll pledge my eternal allegiance…


Needing and wanting to water your honored garden…

Walking past all the poison ivy with diplomatic immunity…

My trust is in you to guide me…

Put all the evil behind me…

Watch the wings grow and glow…

Feather trails all the way to the promised…

Wearing the fallen armor…

Hug me, touch me, kiss me, love me….


Let you and I join forces and bless the future together…

All I need is us the hands of determination…


Putting The Fire Out With Gasoline

I’m a stone that can’t be moved. I’m the lie that silenced the truth. I’m the figment of your imagination making you question your sanity. I’m the reason you gotten rushed to the E.R…. Don’t play with me.

When rough times blew through I stood in the snow with my bare feet. I turned red wine into heat and built a house out of the street.

I never ran from my responsibilities and I made a lot of enemies. My morals are made out of solid gold plus I stuck to the G code.

I’ll take a stand when all you do is criticize while sitting down in a chair built from your own negitivity.

The rain was cold and the front of my boots were shitty from all the ass I’ve kicked. In the past I’ll admit that I was the last person who you wanted to pick a fight with.

Carnage was the degree I mastered in. I cut the umbilical cord from my mother of mayhem. To be reborn into a life of walking in a strait path.

You know honestly I can’t lie. I feel like my transformation is conflicting with my  patience. Making me feel like maybe I just never changed at all…